Sunday, 6 July 2014

Holly's in Trouble, Again!

Hello Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night we got left on our own for a few hours while The Missus and Old Two Legs went out to a party! Well, we made the most of the time by sleeping on all of the chairs and we were both chewing on our carrots and teeth cleaning chews and leaving crumbs all over the place!

We know how to enjoy ourselves!

The walk this morning was fun.

Down on The Beach Mr Brambles surprised us all by going for a splash about in the water.

First he did a 'Ferret Dash' along the beach and ran through the water and jumped in!

Sloshing and a Splashing!
 While OTL was taking photographs of Mr Brambles, he was kneeling on the beach, so Miss Snowflake took the opportunity to jump back into the Ferret Bag!

I just don't like the sand between my claws!
As we were laughing at Miss Snowflake, we heard a big splash and there, in the water, was Mr Brambles!

I'm just washing My Bits!
 Miss Snowflake poked her head out of the bag to have a look and commented that she thought he was a Potty Ferret!
Is he Potty or Wot!
I thought it looked like fun so I joined Mr Brambles in the water!

It was great 'cos there were no big waves and there was very little wind as well!

There must be a stick here to chase!
OTL picked up a stone and threw it into the water, so, me, thinking it was a stick, went swimming out to fetch it.

Of course, no stick, but I saw something black on the water that had the look of a stick.

So, I made a grab at it and swam back to the shore.

When I got back and spat it out, what was it? Sea Weed! Yuk!

I got it, I got it!
Back home to get dried off and then OTL gave us both a brush and got all the bits of grass and seed burs out of our fur. You know it's amazing just how much we can pick up jumping through the undergrowth!

OTL, managed to finish all his work by about midday and sat down to watch the F1 racing.

Of course, you know what happened, just before the race was going to start, I got this terrible urge to go for a walk!

OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

Off we went and we had a good sniff and a snuffle while OTL was playing with his camera and a flower!

Blooming Pretty!
Of course, Holly and I were on our own and Holly found some really smelly stuff that just called out to her to have a roll, so she did!

OTL was not happy, in fact he grumbled at her and said she was a Smelly Nelly!

I was a good girl and stayed away from anything that might mess up my coat!

Mind you, I very nearly went rushing off after a rabbit that I could have sworn was lurking behind the bush!

Holly was given a good wash down with warm water and Doggy Shampoo, which didn't please her too much but OTL had hold of her collar, so it was a case of 'Stand Still and Get Washed'!

Is it? I'm sure it is!
When we got back home we found the F1 Racing had been stopped due to an accident, so OTL got to see the whole of the race!

We of course fell asleep while the racing was on but woke in time to see Lewis cross the line in first place, Yeah!

I think the sunshine is due back tomorrow, so, claws crossed!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly (The Smelly), Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.