Friday, 21 December 2012

OTL's Still Fiddling!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

You know when we left you last night? Well, both Old Two Legs and The Missus sneaked off for a night out at a restaurant, leaving us all alone! Well, all alone until Auntie Sheila came in to let us out for a wee and to check that we were OK!

We decided not to give them a cuddle last night, we went to sleep as soon as they came in, in our own beds and not even a good night woof!

That'll teach them!

This morning we were out good and early for our run alone The Sea Wall and OTL tried again for a 'Medway Sunrise' but he got there too late and all he got was the 'Afterglow'!

Medway Sunrise!
We had some fun with the ball and Holly tried to pinch it off me as I came from off the beach. No way was she getting my ball and I tried to shove her off the wall!

Then OTL threw the ball again but it got lost in the grass, you know he is useless at ball throwing!

Well I can't find it either!
Back home it was a super Lambs Heart breakfast and a snooze afterwards, which was OK by us!

Lunchtime OTL sneaked off to do some banking and left us at home, but a bit later he came back and we were off to The Sea Wall again and this time we spotted some Brent Geese having a paddle in the mud!

They didn't move when Holly and I woofed at them!
Holly still reckons they could taste of chicken but I think they would taste of fishy stuff that they eat!

OTL spotted the Curlew on the mud as well and even Holly agreed it was not likely to taste like chicken, more like a cockle or a shrimp!

It's a good job we don't like shrimps!
 The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get the Internet Modem to talk to the television, unsuccessfully we might add!

In the end he had to run a cable from the modem to the television to make it work!

Poor Old Two Legs, he does try but sometimes he gets confused with all those buttons and bits of wire!

We are off to mug him for some Bambi Burger so bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.

We'll let you know what happens!


Daisy & Holly