Sunday, 7 September 2014

Aha! OTL's Boots!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here.

Now I know I forgot to tell you about Old Two Legs boots yesterday. There was a very good reason, we were late in up loading the blog, The Missus was serving up food for OTL and I didn't want to miss out on some muggins!

To make up for it, here is the story!

Once Upon a Time, long, long ago, OTL was in need of some new boots 'cos the last ones were all worn out on the soles and you could see his socks poking through the bottoms!

OTL, being 'A Very Careful' Two Legs, decided to spend some money and get a good 'Working Boot' which he used every time he went out walking dogs or working or other 'rough stuff'. Well, these boots were great, Holly and I always went for a sniff of his boots whenever he left us at home and that way we could tell where he had been and if he had stepped in any good sniffs!

Finally these boots got sort of worn out and started to fall apart. Not a good thing if you are walking in water or wet mud or stuff like that!

So, with a deep heart he went and counted up what pocket money he had saved up over the years, (and what TM hadn't found!), then he scoured the Interweb Thingy for a pair of boots like wot he had before.

Finally, after hours of searching he found a pair that suited him!

Yesterday they arrived!

Now, he is not going to wear them straight away 'cos first of all the ferrets have got to inspect them and Holly and I have got to have a good sniff to make sure they haven't been in any sniffs we don't know about!

The pictures will follow!

Talking of pictures. How's this for a shot of the Sun?

Misty Morning Sun.
 So you see, not every morning is all sun shine down here in North Kent!

Miss Snowflake decided she wanted to have a paddle this morning and set off to wash her paws in a rock pool.

I love a paddle, sometimes!
 Mr Brambles was still hunting for the Big Wet Slimy Thing and after rubbing his butt on the sea weed we all decided that he was the Big Wet Slimy Thing!

Wet and Slimy? Wot Me?
Back home it was all down to the TV to watch the F1 racing, well, until Holly and I wanted a wee and an hour before the race was due to start, we bullied OTL into going out for a walk!

Down on the beach I wanted to go in for a swim but OTL had forgotten the Doggy Towel, so I only got a 'Deep Paddle'!

If I can't get wet I'll Show Off!
I must admit I did show off a bit  and even went in search of some sticks for OTL to throw but all I found was sea weed!

OTL set off in pursuit of a strange looking bee, after looking in the 'Insect Book' we can't decide what it is.

It could be a Wool Carder Bee but then on the other hand it may be a Shrill Carder Bee and then again, it could be something else!

Shrill or Wool Carder Bee?
 OTL thinks it is a Shrill Carder but the silver hair instead of brown hair is throwing him. Holly said it could be because the bee was old as it was coming to the end of the summer and bees normally don't last more than a year!

A right little ornithologist she is!

Tomorrow the ferrets plan to investigate the New Boots, so watch out for the pictures!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.