Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday Skiing in the Sunshine!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us again, Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!

Wot a day! First off it's cold, then it's cold and windy, then it's cold windy and rain, then after that it's cold,windy and snowy!

Well, sort off!

We were out this morning expecting there to be six foot snowdrifts up against the front door but instead it was rain that was beating on the door!

That didn't stop us, we were out like a flash and off to The Sea Wall where the wind was blowing harder that it was at home and on top of all that, it started to rain a bit harder!

I was playing 'Chase The Ball' when Holly suddenly decided to use her weight to shove me over the Sea Wall onto the beach!

Now, that wasn't so bad 'cos I've done that to her a couple of times but this time she even pinched the ball, stood on the top of the steps and pulled faces at me!

I Gorra Tha Ball!
 I tried to get Old Two Legs to get it off her but he was too involved creeping up on a Ringed Plover with his camera in his hand!

A Bird Ripe for Chasing!
 When OTL ignored me I ran over and chased the bird off, that'll teach OTL!

You know, he still didn't get the ball for me and to be honest, by then Holly had got fed up pulling faces and had gone off sniffin, leaving the ball on the path!

There was a Black Headed Gull who was messing about in the surf, he said he was practising 'Walking on Water' which is a trick that makes the shrimps jump up and then they are easier to catch.

No, we didn't believe him either!

...look, it works, here comes the shrimps!
 Back home we had a big bowl of Lambs Heart waiting for us and we didn't even wait to be brushed, it was straight into the kitchen, nose in the bowl and tails straight up!

OTL got fed up waiting for us, so it was much later that we got our brush!

OTL disappeared up into the office to play with Snowflake, which she looks forward to, 'cos she doesn't get the run of the house like wot we do!

We know she enjoys the outing and OTL and her play games with her toys! OTL puts them on his lap and makes them squeak, Snowflake rushes up OTL's legs and grabs the squeaky ball then slides backwards down to the ground and hides the ball in either of four 'Hidy Holes' she uses!

This is all great fun and OTL says that over the last few days she has started to make noises like a chicken!

Now, we have always thought that Ferrets were a bit odd but sounding like a chicken?

OTL says that is her 'Happy Sound' and he thinks she does that when she is having fun. She dances about chasing the 'Cat Tease' and when she rolls over onto her back, OTL tickles her tummy with the feathers on the end of the cat tease stick, which makes her start sounding like a chicken again!

Mind you, she did give OTL a nip this morning, he had got the plastic container that holds her 'Ferret Nuggets' and had taken the lid off, Snowflake got the sniff and came rushing over to have a taste. Just at the moment she had climbed up the side and was sticking her nose in the box, OTL was also sticking his hand in to scoop out some nuggets and Snowflake, thinking OTL was pinching her food, was gave OTL a little 'Get Off' nip on his hand!

Snowflake says she could quite get used to Two Legs Blood, it's sort of 'Moreish' she says!

At lunch time we were off out again but this time it was down to The New Park.

We got there and had a rush around chasing the ball and woofing at everyone. A poodle came up and suggested a game of 'Chase' and because she was about my size I agreed and we set off at a very fast pace!

Lets play Chase?
I was a bit faster on the straight but she was very good at the 'Fast Turn'!

....but not as good as me!
Soon she got called away by her Two Legs and we went off to see if the Indians we at home but I didn't find any and Holly reckons they have gone away for their Winter Holiday!

Any one Home?
 We got up the top of the hill, just by 'The Watchers' and it started. The wind was blowing and it was cold, then all of a sudden, the snow came down. Well, it wasn't real big snow flakes just sort of cold sleet. We decided that it wasn't going to settle and was nothing but uncomfortable when it blew into our eyes!

Down the bottom of the hill we bumped into a big Alsatian we had met before, ex police force, so he tells us. 'Hello Girls' he says and we say hello as well but keep on walking 'cos he looks a bit 'scary' if you know what I mean!

Hello there Girls!
Back home to a warm bed and a game of 'Hide 'n' Seek' with the chews. Well, Holly got a chew this morning and I pinched it, had a chew and hid it. Now Holly wants it back and is hunting for it!

She hasn't found it yet!

We're off to watch the finals of Crufts on the TV now, OTL sent off our picture to see it they'll show us but we are not holding our breath 'cos we are 'Cross Breeds' and we think they are looking for 'Thorough Bred Dogs'. Which is OK by us 'cos OTL didn't say what breed we are, who knows, they may show us 'cos we look cute!

See you tomorrow and we fancy the Bozo Labrador for the 'Best of Show' winner!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake