Tuesday, 17 May 2016

We are here!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

Well, we have finally landed in Scotland! The journey up her was just a bit boring but we all spent the time catching up on our sleep! Gretna Green was about the same as we remembered it except there is a new Kebab Shop in the high street!

The Missus instructed Old Two Legs to head off to the Chinese Takeaway for some Flied Plawns and Plawn Clackers!

We arrived outside the restaurant but it was close, on a Monday, Closed!!

That was it, OTL rattled on the door and banged his bald head on the window but they wouldn't open up!

So, off we went to the Kebab Shop and ordered up a Kofti Kebab and a Burger in a Bun. TM doesn't do foreign food so she had the Burger which is made out of Argentinian Beef, with a bun made from Indian flour and garnished with vegetables from Africa and mayonnaise from Germany!

So much for her not 'Doing' foreign food!

OTL doesn't care, his out look is, 'I'm hungry, does that food taste good, I'll eat it all but don't tell me what it's made of!'

You know, he makes a good woofer does OTL, Archie Babe would be proud of him!

Holly and I shared the Kebab, which tasted super, the Burger wasn't so good, but we forced it down!

OTL and Tm shared a bottle of Champagne and OTL even had a beer as well, so they slept like logs!

Which was just as well 'cos the alarm went off at five thirty so we could get everything packed away and leaving the Gretna Caravan Site at seven!

Holly and I went back to sleep as soon as we got going but the ferrets stayed awake a little longer just so they could see what the traffic was like on the motorway but after about ten minutes they got bored and went to sleep!

The weather was great on the journey, loads of sunshine, that was until we were about half an hour away from the caravan site, then it started to rain!

We finally arrived in a shower of water from the puddles on the road that led to the site. Not only were there big puddles but there were big piles of poo from a herd of 'Highland Coos' that were ambling up the road in front of us.

So, all over the front of the caravan is lumps of poo that OTL had to wash off when he set up the caravan.

Setting it up is always fun, first is the satellite dish is powered up to lock onto the satellite, not today, the dish kept on going around and around looking for a signal but the mountains were blocking the signal, so that means we will be watching DVDs this holiday!

We have decided that OTL can put up the awning tomorrow, providing the rain stops of course!

We have got onto the Internet via the Wi-Fi here but it is a bit slow, well, I mean, very slow, well, in fact it is so slow that OTL reckons it would be quicker to write it all down on paper and post it second class!

Never mind, we will do our best to post some snaps tomorrow!

By the way, a Big Hello to Linda from Montreal, Canada! We are glad you like the blog and our frogs. We love to chase the frogs but they are just too quick. Miss May also loves frogs but she says she can't eat a whole one in one sitting!

See you all tomorrow!


McDaisy, MacHolly, Miss McMay, Miss McApril, Miss McWendy and Freddy de McFerret!