Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

Super sunny day today, just a little chilly this morning and for a change, neither of the ferrets wanted to get out of the bag before we got to the beach.

At one point, Mr Brambles stuck his head out the top of the bag and asked.................

..............are we there yet?
Once on the beach, Snowflake headed off to the sea weed and had a scamper about around the rocks then in and out of the the sea weed!

After which, she announced that....

....this will be fun in the Summer!
Mind you, Mr Brambles was still complaining about the steps, this time he thinks he has come up with a solution, a Stair Lift!

He reckons that if he wins the lottery, he is going to buy a mobile stair lift to carry him up the stairs instead of climbing up on his own.

Snowflake suggested trying to pull a flanker and pretend he has a sore paw so Old Two Legs feels sorry for him then picks him up and carries him up the stairs!

What I need is a Stair Lift!
Half way back towards the car, both ferrets had a roll in something in the weeds, it was so good that Brambles even rolled onto his back while Snowflake was trying to get her nose into the sniff in the leaves!

Get up Soppy!
Back home we were served up with a new 'Doggy Scoff', the one OTL bought at the Doggy Shop.

Can't say I'm over impressed with it, still, let's see what it's like this evening after it has had time to dry out a bit!

Lunchtime we got out of the car and ran into a gigantic 'Woofing Doodle Dog!'

It's owner had great difficulty in holding him back but OTL said the Doodle Dog wasn't dangerous 'cos all the time he was woofing at us, his tail was wagging!

Well, we could have told him that!

A Woofing Noisy Doodle Dog!
OTL wasn't too happy 'cos when he looked up into the sky, there were clouds that could have made a good picture in B&W but OTL just didn't have the Yellow Filter with him today!

Where is a Yellow Filter when you need one?
Holly and I didn't care really 'cos we both had fun digging a big hole in the sand. Holly said that if we made it deep enough, tomorrow when we come back it would have turned into a paddling pool!

We just LOVE holes!
 The only problem with sand holes is that you end up with sand everywhere. It gets up your nose, in your eyes and all over your back! Plus the stuff that sticks in between the pads on your paws!

Holly and I have a solution to that, we stand up on the bench and OTL gives us a good brush down so that all the sand falls off!

OK, all the sand has gone now!
Back home again and just in time for a snooze before 'Mugging Time'!

Tomorrow OTL has got to take the old fridge out, ready for the new one to arrive on Wednesday. It should be great fun 'cos he has got to work out how to get the door off and remove the front of it 'cos it matches the doors in the kitchen.

This is going to be fun 'cos he has no idea how to do it!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.