Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Doing some serious relaxing!

Hello Woofers!

Back we comes again, McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!

Archie Babe you are the limit!

Mind you, we did snaffle some sausages last night, The Missus opened up a pack of skinny looking sausages and divided them up between her and Old Two Legs but in the end she couldn't finish them all so Holly and I helped her!

OTL finished all of his so we missed out on a 'Sausage Snaffle' like wot you didn't!

Today has been another 'Doggy Day' cos as soon as OTL finished his chores we got him back down onto the beach with the ball and throwing stick and I was in and out of the water getting soaked to the skin.

After the fun with the ball and the wet stuff, I had a great time rolling in the sand and digging big hole into which I tried to bury the ball.

Holly helped by digging another hole, using her nose, and we buried the ball again then headed off for a good roll in the sand again!

When we got back to the caravan OTL dried us down with our Doggy Towel and all the time OTL was calling us names like, 'Soggy Doggies' and 'Smelly Wet Woofers'!

We didn't care!

After a dry down we then got brushed with our 'Doggy Brush' to help get rid of all the sand but it didn't work, we still had wet sand stuck to our tummy and legs!

It was only after a quick roast in the sun that we dried off enough to get this picture of me and OTL.

I'm shaking the sand over OTL and he is trying to throw me off his lap!

OK, me Tails is dry and my Tum's dry and My Butt is dry, can we do that all again.........Now!
 OTL took us out again and we managed to get another  swim with some sand thrown in as well!

More 'Soggy Doggies' coming up!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy, McHolly, MacMay, MacWendy, Eric McFerret and Monty MacFerret!