Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Where has the sun gone?

Hello Woofers,

D&H back again!

It has been a dull old day today, the sun went in a couple of days ago and has not been out since, I do hope it hasn't gone on his holidays!

Holly and I have been sort of lazing about the house today, not doing anything too exciting, just a game of chase and a game of 'hide the chew' then we had a game of 'Mouth Fighting' while laying on our backs with all four legs in the air after that we played at snoozing on the bed followed by 'Lets woof at the neighbours', which is always fun!

Old Two Legs took us out at lunch time to the football field where Holly and I 'Mullered' the ball that OTL brought home yesterday in his pocket. It wasn't totally mullered, so he put it back in his pocket after we had finished playing 'Chase the Ball'.

Well, most of the time I chased the ball and Holly showed off by not even trying to get the ball when OTL threw it. That was until OTL put me on the lead and he then threw the ball for Holly. This time she ran after it and  I was held back. Of course she got to it and picked it up and came back to OTL with it in her mouth, showing off!

Later we went out to the Sea Wall and OTL threw the ball, unfortunately, we lost it, I took my eye off it and it landed in the long grass, gone, never to be seen again!

Luckily, Holly found another tennis ball on  the beach so we both set about 'Mullering' it!

Another one bites the dust!
In no time it was well and truly Mullered, I mean, almost in two halves, cover torn off and well chewed type of Mullered. The sort of job only a pair of Terrible Fierce Terriers could do!

It fell into to so many bits that we lost it!

There it was, Gone!
We had a look for it but gave up in the end.

Holly thought she saw a rabbit, so we had a hunt around the bushes but couldn't see anything at all.

I see no Rabbits!
The Missus has been to see The Boys at their school play, a thing called 'Pirates of the Curry Bean', no we don't know what that's about but it sounds like fun!

Tonight we had Liver and Biscuits, followed by mugging OTL for nibbles and then some short bread!

Holly took the last of her tablets tonight, so she is almost back to one hundred per cent, she says it doesn't hurt any more but the new fur growing through itches and it drives her mad trying to scratch her nose on the carpet!

Off to bed now 'cos we got an early morning tomorrow, we've got to wake TM up and let her know we are guarding against intruders!

Especially when it is still dark!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Looking forward to some sun)