Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Mixed Up Day.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

Now, first of all I'd like you to know, we got fed this morning with Lambs Heart!

Absolutely super!

The Missus put it in our bowls and then our bowls on the floor.

It was 'Tails Up & Snout Down' and we didn't come up for air!

That was after TM had taken us out for our morning walk. You see Old Two Legs had to go out to visit a customer early this morning and he took the car. So that's why we had a walk over the The Fields.

Now we have got very used to being chauffeured to The Sea Wall and this 'walking up the road', well it is not really on!

I showed off a bit, I stood down by the gate and just did my 'Hairy Eyeball' look, but TM just kept walking. Holly stood by me for a bit then she gave in and chased after TM. I hung about for a bit more then slowly walked after them.

It's not fair, there are no rabbits here!

OTL came back around mid morning and the first thing he did was to take us down The Sea Wall, which was great, even if we didn't see any rabbits!

OTL had his camera with him but spent most of the time looking at these blooming bees, you'd have thought he'd got bored with them by now!

Boring Bee!
The tide was right out so we couldn't go for a paddle and we reckon that if we went for a paddle in the mud, we'd be in Deepest Poo!

So we didn't!

Back home for a bit of lunch and then out with OTL to take some stuff to someone.

Guess what? It was right next to the Riverside Park! We had a super time!

Although there were no rabbits to be seen, there was the water and the mud and some yucky stuff between the water and the mud!

Can I go In, Pleeeeese?
 I asked OTL if I could have a little splash but he said that if I did, I was walking home 'cos the mud smelt horrid!

Sorry OTL I've gone all deaf!
I just couldn't resist it, off I went across the seaweed and the stones, straight into the water and had a cooling splash about!

Then OTL saw me, he went potty, I mean, he even threatened to take me down the dogs home and leave me and the only reason he wasn't doing it was because the dogs home won''t take smelly dogs like wot I was!

Now, there's lucky!

Back home and a clean up later Holly and I were having a rest by the side of the pond, 'Why don't you try the pond'? asked Holly.

As I said, 'do think I'm that stupid so close to dinner time'?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (Smelly) & Holly (Miss Goody Four Paws)