Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sun, then back to normal!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

We were out good and early this morning, and it was super sunshine for a while, until the clouds blew in!

This is what we want!
Seems like we are back to normal and the prospect of rain later, YUK!

We met up with Vinny along the path, he doesn't get to meet other dogs very often and when he does, he goes potty!

Wanna Game of Chase?
We had a run around with him and soon he was all puffed out, he is just not a fit as us girls!

On the way back to the car Holly thought she spotted a rabbit and went chasing off after it. I hung back and walked along with Old Two Legs, enjoying the sniffs.

Suddenly the hairs on my tail started to tingle, a sure sign the was a cat close by!

I had a sniff, stood up on my back legs and there, sitting in the grass, getting ready to chase after MY rabbits was this big Ginger Tom!

That was it, no one chases my rabbits without permission from Holly or me, in writing, in triplicate, signed and counter signed!

Off I went like a rocket, off went the cat like a rocket on steroids!

I woofed for Holly to go around the bushes the other way but she got all confused and ended up chasing me!

The cat got away, but we think we have given him something to think about!

Old Two Legs has been digging again in the hole, going deeper, I reckon soon he will get the tape measure out to see if he has got to the magic 100cm!

This afternoon we have been down The Forest again, searching for the squirrels and interesting sniffs.

I tried hiding in the Bluebells but that didn't work very well.

Me, Hiding!
Then I tried jumping onto the logs and stuff, a sort of 'Log Dance' but still not as fast as those squirrels!

Log Dancing!
OTL went off and found a log of his own but instead of jumping on it, he took a picture of it 'cos it was surrounded by English Bluebells!

English Bluebells.
Back home we watched OTL measure the depth of the hole and he decided it wasn't deep enough yet.

Just how deep is he going to go?

Lamb Hearts and biscuits tonight plus what we can mug off OTL, he's got steak and chips!

We don't care much for the chips but the steak makes our mouth water!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly