Monday, 29 February 2016

OTL's been to the Doggy Shop!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!

You can tell it's Monday, Old Two Legs is on the telephone and the computer and, and, and, and it's BORING!

Mind you, he started the day off with a good game of chase with the ferrets while Holly and I went out for a walk with The Missus. She is trying to get fit for the summer by doing some 'Speed Walking' around the Farm Field!

I can see before long it will be a case of 'Speed Weeing' for Holly and me, just to keep up with her!

Freddy and Wendy were playing their 'Play Fighting' again and Freddy was dragging Wendy around the carpet! There were loads of Dooking and the occasional squeak from Wendy but when Freddy let go she jumped up onto her paws and ran after him to give him a nip behind the ears!

Then it all started over again!

We must remember to get the video camera out tomorrow 'cos it is so funny to watch. At first you think Freddy is getting too rough but then Wendy is laughing her tail off then springs into action and tries to beat up Freddy!

Freddy then gets fed up and grabs Wendy by the scruff and gives her a good shake and she then scrabbles at him with her paws and lumps of fur start flying about all over the place!

Did we mention that it is 'Moulting Time'?

Miss May is shedding loads of hair, all over OTL, every time he picks her up, so lumps of flying ferret fur is normal this time of the year!

It was rather warm at lunchtime and OTL suggested that we take May and April down the beach 'cos they haven't been down there for a few weeks, due to the inclement weather!

Well, as normal, May was in and out of the bag all the way down to the beach. Miss April said that no matter how nice the weather was, she was staying in the bag, thank you!

The tide was out so there was loads of sand to dig and Holly and I found a smelly to have a roll in!

Go on then, you roll first!
May was charging about and digging holes and almost bumped into a brand new rock on the beach!

Holly said that it looked just like Brambles Weeing Rock, but how it got there, half way up the beach and with no sea weed growing on it was a bit mysterious!

Will it float away again if we wee on it?
It was good to see them enjoy the Sea Kale Bush, April said that as she had a good roll, can she get back in the bag?

OTL said she could as long as she had a run up the grass path!

Wanna sniff?
The Grass Path was full of sniffs and we all had a slow walk up the hill. Miss April said she was feeling a little tired and could she have a carry.

May went over to give her a helping cuddle and OTL gave her a lift, so all was well!

Don't worry Sis, I'm here!
May is always looking after April. At home they used to sleep upstairs in the blankets and cuddle cups but since April has been on the medicines she has to sleep down on the ground floor 'cos the Poo Pot is closer.

May has moved into a spare Poo Pot that has a blanket inside it and the pair cuddle up there every time they go to sleep, it's as if May knows that April needs a Sisterly Love!

Now, without us knowing, OTL sneaked out and went off to the Doggy Shop to get some cat litter for the ferrets and he also got some Chicken Strips for the ferrets.

Then he got some Chicken Fillets for us and some Jumbone Chews for us as well!

He also got a load of Teeth cleaning chews for bot us and the ferrets!

You see, the ferrets love the taste and it helps keep their teeth all nice a white and shiny!

Providing they keep up with the chews, OTL says they may get rid of the Tartar just in time for the Ferret Show!

Our ferrets will all have clean teeth and clean butts and shiny coats! Real Prize Winners!

We are off now to see what's for dinner, OTL's Dinner, so we can have a share!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!