Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wot a Super Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

Hasn't it been a super sunny day! We were out with Snowflake early this morning and she was doing her normal 'Running Backwards' trick! I must admit, we got a bit bored, so, what are a  couple of puppies going to do?

Hunt Rabbit!

That was it, off we went and into the 'Rabbit Patch', as Old Two :Legs calls it and it so strange how we seem to go deaf when we get in there!

OTL did what he normally does, take Snowflake back to the car, and we, Hunt Rabbit!

We managed to kick one up and off we went!

I somehow found myself in the next field that has a fence all the way around. It is the same one that Holly got trapped in when she went chasing rabbits and now, I was trapped!

i could hear OTL calling and whistling but I couldn't get back to him and I couldn't find the hole where I got through!

I could hear OTL and Holly marching all over the place where I normally go but I couldn't let them know where I was!

Then, right around the back, OTL went through the brambles and got up next to the fence and he saw me! That was it, just like Holly, he stuck his arm through and lifted me up and over the fence and put me on top of his head!

It was a good job he was wearing his 'Indiana Jones' hat or I might have scratched his head!

That was it, we got marched back to the car and back home!

OTL then spent the rest of the morning cleaning the big car and by lunch time he had done it all except clean the windows, he will do that tomorrow!

Lunch time we were down The Sea Wall again but our 'Rabbit Hunting' was ruined by loads of tourist wandering around the place!

More Tourists!
 Holly says it's the sun that brings them out 'cos you never see them in the Winter!

Mr Corvid was complaining as well, he said that they scared off all the whelks and even the oysters were hiding!
They are So Noisy!
We met up with a real Bozo of a dog, a youngster who wanted to have a game! He cuddled up to OTL then chased us around for a bit, until Holly woofed him to keep his nose to himself!

He is a funny Bozo so we don't mind him jumping about!

You can call me Bozo if you want!
 When we got back home it was a case of Find A Cool Spot and have a snooze!

It's a doggy thing you know!

Tomorrow it is a holiday so I expect OTL will take us down to the Forrest for a run around 'cos he wants to have a look for more flowers!

See you tomorrow and we hope it is as much fun as ours!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake