Monday, 1 August 2016

You can tell it's Monday, OTL is working!

Yo Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret back again!

It has been a bit boring today 'cos you see Old Two Legs has been doing some 'Manufacturing' which is all very clever, but it is Sooooo  Booooring!

Holly and I decided that if he was going to be boring, then we would catch up on our snoozing!

Down on the beach we spotted that funny looking boat that we imagined to be a submarine but today it was closer to the shore.

It was a Barge, being 'Barged Along' by tug type of boat!

That's another tick off the list! 

Just Barging Along!
Little Miss April decided that the ferret bag was the best place to be. She stopped for a wee, then climbed back into the bag and refused to come out until we were almost back to the car. So, in the end she got a little run in the fresh air!

Lunchtime we had to go out earlier than normal 'cos OTL had to go out in the afternoon, more boring work!

Luckily for me, that means we caught the high tide and the water was clear and cool!

OTL found a small stick that I could chase after. He kept on playing jokes on me, like, he would pretend to throw it and I would rush into the water and no stick!

I got a bit fed up with that game so I told him!

Throw the stick or I'll give you a cuddle!
Holly was sitting safe on the Sea Wall and of course she just had to offer her view on my swimming!

I just don't believe her!
After my threat OTL got the message and I was soon chasing a 'Real Stick'!

Look! Here's my stick!
OTL was off as soon as we got back and I took up my position in the bedroom window so I can keep an eye open for his return.

The Missus came into the bedroom and gave me one of OTL's jackets which when I caught his sniff, made me feel a bit better!

Late afternoon he came back and I got a cuddle then he was back up to the office to do the 'Paperwork'......................Booooooooring!

Poor Lad, will he never learn, working is bad for your health!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.