Friday, 4 November 2011

Fun Friday

Hi Woofers!

D&H back again.

Didn't it rain last night! It got to about two and we were up woofing at the burglar that was trying to break in the window, until Old Two Legs pointed out that it was rain banging on the window!

We crept back to bed until around four when a fox made a load of noise trying to get into the dustbins. We woofed him away and OTL woofed us back to bed as well!

A run down at the Sea Wall with OTL and Tom was fun, I jumped out of the car and went flying off the wrong way! Didn't find any rabbits but Holly, who went the correct way, said she saw three rabbits and chased them all around in a circle and down their holes!

I think she is telling porkies!

It was good that the rain stopped just as we were getting out of the car, so we didn't get wet at all!

We scared an old crow off his dinner and it kept hovering over the top of us thinking we had pinched his shellfish!

Silly bird!

We met a doggy who was smaller than us and boy could he yap!

Holly called him Mr Yappy!

Hello Mr Yappy!

Later on we went with OTL and Tom to take some stuff down the carriers and to get some fuel for the car, then, as we were down in the town, we bullied OTL into taking us to The Forest!

There were a few doggies there to say 'Hello' to and a few squirrels that ran away when I chased them!

OTL found some fungi to photograph, he was using his new tripod, one that allows him to put the camera right down on the ground.

He was having problems setting it up,and he said that it was like fighting a demented set of bagpipes!

Still, here are some of the pictures.

No, I don't know it's name!
Here is another view from underneath with Tm holding his coat behind to block the light!

Looking up at the gills
We went on and Tom found another one that reminded me of the ones we found when we were in Scotland. They were called Rufous Milk Cap but the one in Scotland was under the branches of a pine forest, this one was in the open in a Broad Leaf forest with no pine trees at all!

Maybe a Rufous Milk Cap but not sure!
 If you know what it is let me know, then I can show off to OTL and tell him what it is!

After all the running around, we were tired little girls and after Tom had gone home, we just crashed out in our beds and slept all the way through OTL eating dinner, an almost unheard off event!

Still, Saturday tomorrow and we still haven't been down to Canterbury for our run around The Marshes, so, claws crossed for a rain free day!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly