Monday, 11 July 2011

A Monday run around

Hi Woofers!

D&H back with you again.

What a warm day it's been today, Holly and me have been too hot to do any seriously energetic playing. Even when OTL put our paddling pool out and filled it with water!

We had a run around the football field this morning and we didn't even bother to run, just a gentle stroll for a wee and a sniff.

We went out with Old Two Legs later to deliver some stuff and had a stroll around the New Park. Loads of other doggies and a few new ones!

Hello Sparky!
We met up with Jock, who we haven't seen for some time. He was very well and we had a small game of chase before he went off on another path! 

Hello Jock Lad!

Best bit was when I found a bit of dried up fox poo and had a roll over it, then as OTL shoo'ed me away, Holly managed to grab a quick roll! Poor old OTL, we can run circles around him if we want!

I LOVE Fox Poo!

On we went down to the Swimming Hole where we both had a paddle 'cos OTL forgot to bring the ball with him. We tried to grab a ball from one of the other dogs but were seriously woofed off!

Touch my ball and your Dog Meat!

In fact he made me jump so much that my tail got wet at the end where it normally is dry! Holly laughed and said it was a little drip from a big drip!

Here! My tail's wet!
I sniffed and walked off to investigate a new sniff.

After that we had a game of chase, just so we could get dry before getting into OTL's car.

Getting dry in the grass
We went home, singing songs on the way and looking forward to some liver tonight, if we're lucky!

I had a fun this evening, pinching Holly's carrot and having a chew. Then hiding her sweet chew in one of the plant buckets. Trouble was, she found it, so I had to hide it again!

Back to the carrot and then off to bed!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly