Saturday, 2 June 2012

Day Two!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here in Cloudy Romney Marsh Land!

We have had a super day today, first of all we had a good nights sleep, well, after we shoved The Missus ans Old Two Legs over to the side of the bed, just so we could stretch out!

We all over slept and didn't wake up until eight fifteen!

We had fun chasing each other around the field while OTL got the water for the caravan. After breakfast we were off with OTL down to the beach!

It was just great to be on the sandy beach again, even if the tide was in! The top of the beach was still all sandy, so we ran and dug holes and rolled in smellies and woofed at the kite flyer's!

We started of with a combined Hole digging exercise!

All Together..........Dig!
Then it was 'Roll in a Smelly Time'!

Rolling in a Really Good Smelly!
Woofing at Kite People was fun, we would creep up behind them and go WOOF!

Then they go OOOO AAAAR, then they pull on the wrong string and the kite crashes into the sand!
Kite people to woof at!
Then we chased OTL along the sand but he is not very fast, well, no where near as fast as us!

Chasing OTL in the Dunes!

We went over the dunes and slid down the sides, then we dug some more holes and rolled in even more smellies and one even tasted YUK!

This tastes Yucky!
OTL was laughing at us so much that he didn't even tell us off for rolling in the smellies!

At lunch time we had visitors, The Boys, they had come down for a drive and to show off their new car. This one had no roof which means you can enjoy 'Speed Sniffin' and still keep the windows up!

Off to get cold again!
Holly said that she was sorry that they couldn't afford to buy a whole car with a roof 'cos when it rains they will get wet and even if it doesn't rain, it must be cold in the back!

The clouds have been building up this evening, so we may get wet when we go out for our wander before bed!

Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain too much, OTL says he is going to sneak off to the RSPB site to see what he can see.

Without us!

That is the last time he gets a cuddle this holiday!

See you tomorrow fans!


Daisy & Holly