Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Pretend Holiday with OTL in the Caravan

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

When we went out this morning we couldn't see the sea! Old Two Legs said it was there but we couldn't see it anywhere!

It was Misty Everywhere!

The sun was up and shining down on us but it had trouble getting through the mist!

So we had a wander along, woofing at the sea but no one woofed back!

Is there any Woofin body there?

Even the breakwater seemed to fade into the mist!

Gone into the Mist!

Back home we had a nibble for breakfast then set about going On Holiday.

We had packed our nibbles and a drink and a sun lounger and our sun glasses plus some sun block!

Off we marched into the caravan, OTL opened all the blinds and the roof blinds as well.

We pretended we were on holiday and Holly had a snooze on the seats while I jumped up onto the bed for my snooze.

It was a bit noisy 'cos OTL was sloshing suds all over the roof and washing all the Winter muck off the van.

He said there was a load of pigeon poo and some sea gull poo as well.

He was working hard all morning, just on the roof and satellite dish!

We asked him to stop at lunch time so he can take us down the Sea Wall again.The mist was still there but at least the tide had come in, so we saw the sea!

Back home it was back to work for OTL while we rested on top of the cushions and woofed at anyone who passed the window!

It wasn't until late that he finally finished the walls and the front and the back. It doesn't look too bad but he's got to have another go at the roof 'cos the bird poo won't all come off!

We went out again and this time it was a run around the New Park, we stayed away from the Swimming Hole and instead chased a new ball we brought with us!

Pesky Ball Keeps Running Away!

We also met up with a Wire Haired Fox Terrier called Daisy!

Do You Know My Mum?

We had a chat and said that our mum was a Wire Haired Fox Terrier and asked Daisy if she knew her but she said she didn't but wasn't it good that we both had the same name!

Off we went again, running and chasing the ball, in the end I was exhausted and had to have a lie down for a while, well, it gave Holly and OTL time to catch up!

Just resting!

Back home to a Doggy Din's Dinner which we may finish a bit later if we don't manage to mug OTL for his dinner!

F1 Race tomorrow, so we are looking forward to watching that.

Poor OTL has to have another go at the caravan, so we may have another 'Pretend' holiday, just to keep him company!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly