Sunday, 14 December 2014

Holly to The Rescue!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Wasn't it chilly this morning?

We headed down to the beach and Old Two Legs just had to photograph  the frosty plants!

Frosty or Wot!
The sun had climbed over the docks at Sheerness so it was blinding us as we walked along the path.

We turned around and saw that OTL's shadow looked miles long!

I looked as tall as a greyhound and Snowflake looked like a camel!

He'll never get back in the car if he stays that tall!
 Miss Snowflake soon got back in the bag and off we went to the beach. As we got closer she stuck her head out of the bag and asked........

Are we there yet!
Of course we were there!

Both ferrets were emptied out of the bag and went scurrying around doing what the do best, wee'ing!

We spotted one of the woofers we meet and the big black one always wants a game. This time he came bounding onto the beach and ran around us in his normal potty fashion!

Then he spotted OTL and the ferrets.

He ran down the beach and danced around OTL in his 'Play Mode' kicking up loads of sand. Now, this worried the ferrets and they called out to be picked up, which OTL did but being down on his knees, the woofer thought that is was time to play and jumped closer to OTL, woofing and doing little yelps.

Now, Holly Dog had been up the beach sniffing and rolling in something smelly, saw the woofer getting too close to OTL and she didn't like the way the ferrets were getting worried by the barking and, OTL was crouched down looking like he was protecting the ferrets from the woofer.

That was it, Holly decided that although she could woof at the ferrets and OTL, no other woofer was going to upset the ferrets and worry OTL!

She went tearing down the beach and jumped in between OTL and the woofer, then she did her 'Warning Woof' then, with her legs firmly planted on the sand, she did her 'Warning Growl'!

Well, any woofer knows when that happens you take a good look at  what's happening and back away unless you want to get into a fight!

The woofer backed away and then turned tail and ran off along the beach back to his TL!

Holly got a tickle behind her ears and a 'Well done' from OTL.

I came along after and jumped up at OTL's leg, just to make sure he was OK and the ferrets were safe!

Back home The Missus got all soppy over Holly's actions and we both got lambs heart for breakfast!

Yum Yum!

Lunchtime, we were back down the beach but OTL hadn't brought the normal camera, instead he had got the Video Camera, of course, we just kept turning our tails to him whenever he pointed the camera at us!

We couldn't put too many videos on here 'cos they take an age to up load!

I think it's back to the normal camera tomorrow!

By the way, Archie Babe, keep yer tail up, those nasty needles don't hurt for long! Mind you if you can give the vet a 'Serious Woof' they'll won't hurt so much!

Bye Bye for now,


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.