Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Three Walk Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

Loads of fun chasing cats today, some of them were mooching about in the bushes and some were outside the car where we couldn't get to them, but they could hear us!

The first one was down on The Sea Wall, we had just arrived and after a quick look for rabbits, we spotted this great big Tabby wandering through the grass, so, we sneaked up on it.

 Well, what happened really was Holly yells out 'CATS!' and proceeds to run as fast as she can along the path and into the grass where the cat was seen. I just had to follow 'cos I always back my sister up, unless it looks dangerous or the dog is bigger than us!

In we went, crashing through the grass and trees until we came to where Holly had seen the cat.

Well I saw it come into here!
No cat, just an old rabbit hole!

That was it, I mean, all that running about and woofing only to find out there was no cat!

We carried on and Holly was mumbling all the way along the path, it was some thing to do with cats and big holes but I didn't take too much notice 'cos Old Two Legs was trying to get an 'atmospheric' shot of a ship leaving harbour.

Early Departure.
Never mind, he tried and can't always get what he wants!

Right across the Thames Estuary we saw a big plume of smoke and fire at the bottom of the smoke there was flames!

OTL reckons that it may be on Foulness Island 'cos they do some funny things on Foulness Island!

Foulness on Fire!

Back home we go and blow me over, didn't we see a big old Ginger Tom walking along the path waving it's tail in the air as walked along!

That was it, we went POTTY!

We were all over the car, woofing out the passenger window, rushing back to the parcel shelf and woofing from there, snarling and woofing and growling for all we were worth!

I'm sure that cat stick it's tongue out and blew a raspberry at us! Just wait, we'll be back!

We went out again at lunch time and although we hunted high and low, we didn't find that cat, but we will!

One thing we did notice, it was a Very High Tide today, if it came up any higher it would have reached to wall!

Very High Tide!
 Holly and I had some fun woofing at a couple of fishermen in a rubber boat that was chugging up and down! We were doing our Woofing Howl at them and OTL was laughing his head off!

Holly doing the Woofing Howl!
 After all that we went off to deliver some stuff and landed up at the Riverside Park, great fun 'cos the tide was still in and of course, before OTL could say anything, I was in for a quick dip!

Hey! This is fun!
It was especially good fun 'cos while I was in the water I did a quick wee, but I didn't let on to OTL in case he told me off!

Holly and I had a great time chasing each other around the grassy bits and Holly even had a go at flying, but she is still not as good as me!

Flying Holly!
 Back home for a snooze and a read of my new book. It's called Yoga for Dogs!

I am going to give this thing a bash so that I can be calm when facing the big dogs and not get so angry when we don't catch the cats!

Mind you, looking at some of the positions I think I may go back to licking my bits and curling up on OTL's lap!

Maybe I'll send it onto Archie then he can control his Karma when chasing moths around the front room!

All together now, Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly