Wednesday, 1 June 2016

It's another Damp Day!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

Well, today is the first day of June, Flaming June, Hot and Sticky June, put your sun hat on June, not freeze your tail off June!

Just wot is happening? There we were expecting balmy breezes and blazing sunshine and instead Old Two Legs is looking at Outdoor Professional Clothing on the Internetty Whotssit!

It had just stopped raining when we went out this morning but there were big puddles all over the place, mind you OTL loves driving through the puddles!

When we got to the car park we met up with young Dave the Westie. We chased a couple of rabbits, had a sniff and a wee and off he went to walk along the Sea Wall with his Two Legs. We gathered up May and April and headed off to the grass path!

See you later Girls!
 Down on the beach Miss May got going on a hole but Miss April said she didn't fancy sand today and please can she have the grass!

No, I'm not in the mood to dig today!
 We could see that Dave was chatting to a couple of woofers down the Sea Wall a bit, so we gathered up the ferrets and headed for the grass!

Come on, we have time to get up on the grass path!
 Both May and April had a great time digging in the grass and getting muddy paws! OTL says that digging helps keep their claws to the correct length and the short walk on the concrete path just takes the points off as well!

Back home we got presented with Doggy Scoff, not the normal Pigs Poo but The Missus said this was an 'Up Market' Scoff. Well, as I hadn't had much yesterday I decided to give it a go and surprisingly it wasn't too bad, so I finished it all and even licked the bowl!

After eating our scoff, TM gives Holly and I a 'Treat' and today was no exception, when I finished I got a large lump of Chicken Fillet but Holly didn't. She didn't eat her scoff, so she didn't get a treat.

Holly Chops was not a happy puppy and proceeded to rob me of my Chicken Fillet!

There was loads of grumbling and growling and in the end TM had to take the Fillet off Holly, lock me away with OTL in his office and give me my Chicken Fillet to eat on my own!

I didn't mind in the slightest, in fact I made loud lip smacking noises so that Holly, who was sitting outside the door, could hear me enjoying the Chicken Fillet!

Holly was not a 'Happy Puppy', not that I cared!

Lunchtime Freddy and Wendy were down on the beach with us and although Holly was still showing off, we all had a good game of 'Dig and Whizz'!

Who whizzed over the top then?
 Freddy was amazed just how much the Sea Kale plant had grown and another Sea Kale Plant was growing as well!

Soon we will have Sea Kale all over the beach, unless someone comes and 'Tidy the Beach Up' and digs them up!

It's getting bigger every day!
The puddles were still as big as they were this morning and one soppy TL was jumping in and out of the puddle with her Bozo of a Labrador who just loves puddles!

OTL was going to drive through the puddle and throw water up all over the car but decided that the TL wouldn't like getting too wet, so he drove very slowly through the puddle and just washed the wheels of the car!

Go on, put yer foot down!
 Freddy was jumping up and down and shouting for OTL to make a big splash!

Naughty Freddy!

We reckon that Archie Babes Boy has got over to his destination by now and Mum can breath again!

Does that mean Archie Babe will get first choice of the cushions on the sofa?

What is all this about Hamish and Izzy climbing mountains? OTL used to do that but now he is getting too old and too much of a liability and no one will go with him, so that means we have to make do with the rocky bits down the bottom of the mountains!

That is one thing about living down the south, we get the best weather but there are no mountains, just silly hills!

Next holiday is North Yorkshire, are there any mountains in Yorkshire?

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.