Thursday, 23 August 2012

More Rabbits!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

One of the best things about our holiday here on the Isle of Islay, besides the rabbits and the fresh air and the chicken dinners and the walks is our 'Early Morning Dip'.

The Missus takes us out first thing for a quick wee, then it's back to bed for a snooze with Old Two Legs. After OTL has got up and showered he takes us for our 'Second Morning Walk' down on our private beach.

Now, providing it is not raining we always have a run around the beach, dig a few holes, have a roll in some smelly stuff then go in for a dip!

A Smelly Roll!
 Sometimes it is a 'Solo Roll' and sometimes we share the roll and digging!

Sharing a Roll with Sis!
Holly doesn't go for the full dip but rather a paddle until her tummy gets wet! Me, I'm in there up to my shoulder blades and chasing the ball or a stick that OTL has thrown!

Holly with a Wet Tum!

 When OTL finds a stick I can really get going with swimming and stick chasing!

Here's Daisy!

 It was then that Holly spotted a Common Seal having a look at us from out in the bay, OTL sneaked over the rocks to get this picture, pity the sun was in the wrong position!

Common Seal Off Our Beach!
Back at the caravan it is a good rub down with the towel ready for a day out hunting rabbit!

Today we were joined by TM and we stopped at our favourite beach with all the gorse bushes where the rabbits hide. We seem to have given up on the beach thing, I mean, ball chasing and digging holes we can do on our own private beach but rabbit chasing is something Holly and I have really got into since we have been on holiday!

The Chase is On!
The gorse bushes hide the rabbit holes and Holly and I chase the rabbits from one gorse bush to another, it's great fun, no time for digging holes in the sand, too busy digging rabbit holes!

Holly Standing Guard while I dig out a rabbit!
Of course, just as we were leaving to go searching for Golden Eagles, there, sitting on the side of the path, looking all cool and laid back was one of those Bunnies!

Bunny Wunny having a Breather!
Next time mate, next time!

We did spot an eagle and OTL & TM spent some time out of the car watching it circle the area. I did hear OTL suggest that he got one of us out and tie us up to a fence post so the eagle would think we were a rabbit just big enough for dinner!

TM said that was not a good idea, Holly and I agreed!
We stopped at Bowmore and they went off for some lunch but came back with a couple of vanilla flavoured ice cream cones, now do you think we would let them eat the cones on their own?

No way!

Holly has got an enormous tongue and soon put it to good use, nicking OTL's share of the cone!

The harbour was pretty, OTL took us for a walk on the beach bit and while we had a wee, he took this picture!

Bowmore Harbour
Pretty but not award winning!

Now, he took this one early this morning.

Artistic Rubbish from OTL!
That could be award winning, well maybe not, depends if it is your type of picture, me, I prefer Bunny’s!

Off to mug OTL for some shortbread, see you tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


McDaisy & Mac Holly