Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm a Fish Puppy!

Hi All.

Daisy & Holly back again.

Holly says thanks for all the kind wishes and 'get well soon' cards. She has them behind her day bed!

Holly has been enjoying the fun of 'not taking the tablet' game we play with Old Two Legs. He tries wrapping the tablets in loads of food stuff which we eat, then spit the tablet out! Drives him potty, but in the end we swallow the tablet, just to keep him happy!

We went out for a walk down the New Park and OTL found a ball that was split and would not bounce. Holly thought it was fun when he threw it for us and we chased it along the path.

It's My Ball!
Holly sometimes got it and I would then try to get it off her and sometimes I got it first and we have a tussle and she gets it off me!

It was good fun, but we never took it back to OTL, we don't do the 'Retriever' bit, we have an 'Independent Spirit' as the vet said!

When we got to the Swimming Hole, OTL tossed it into the water just a bit ahead of me, knowing how much I liked chasing it, I went deeper into the water.

Go On, said Holly, it's not deep!
Holly was giving me instructions, but she never went in further than her tummy!

All of a sudden, there was no bottom to the Swimming Hole, like it sort of went away and left me paddling in nothing!

Yikes, I floating!
There I was floating, my legs were going like I was running but not getting there very fast, but I was moving!

'Keep your tail up' was all I could think, I mean, I hate getting a wet tail 'cos the water runs down the tail and onto some sensitive spots!

My Tail Is WET!
Then I was so busy running and trying to get the ball, I forgot to keep my tail up! 

It sort of flopped over and got soaked!

I mean, like wringing wet and water was running down to the rest of me that was really wet!

The Lost Ball part of the Swimming Hole
I never did get the ball 'cos it floated away and ended up resting in that part of the Swimming Hole where all the balls go that get lost. A sort of resting place for balls until the ducks get them and play football, when there is no one around!

Holly and I soon got dry by running through the grass and chasing each other.

Playing 'Tag' soon dries you off!

Can't catch me!
I was so chuffed about swimming that I felt on top of the world, I could do anything!

Just to show you, we met a doggy on the way out and I went for a sniff and a walk around him and kept my tail straight up in the air, all sort of
'I'm the Boss Bitch Here'!

And it worked!!!

Yo! My Man!
We couldn't wait to get home to tell The Missus, who thought we were both big brave puppies.

OTL managed to get Holly to take her medicine, without too much trouble, in the end. 

He declared that her muzzle and eyes are no worse and she even let him give her nose a wash in warm salt water. She still hated him doing it but in the end put up with it and licked his nose when he had finished!
Just to show him she forgave him!

We're off to bed early tonight, we've had a busy day and swimming make you very tired!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy (The Swimming Puppy Fish) & Holly (Sore Nose but getting better)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

It the vet for Holly!

Hi Woofers,

D&H back again.

We were up early this morning, Holly heard a noise out side and woofed, so I joined in, just to keep her company. Us girls have got to stick together you know!

Seems that didn't please The Missus, she had a grumble at both of us and Old Two Legs, but we don't know what OTL did to upset her, maybe it was his snoring all the way through our woofing!

When we did finally did get up, Holly said her nose was sore and she didn't feel right. So we went to OTL, who had a look and telephoned the vet for an appointment.

Her muzzle looks all sore and TM thinks she has been sticking her nose where it should not be stuck and she was bitten by something. OTL thinks it may be something she picked up on the beach or a form of dermatitis that has attacked her. I think she may have caught it on some brambles.

So, we are going to find out tonight when the vet has a look. OTL says he will take her on his own, which is all right by me 'cos it seems like every time I go in there, it either hurts me or costs OTL a fortune!

Lunch time we went over to the New Park and we had a run around and we also went into the Swimming Hole, I went in as far as my chest but Holly only got her knees wet, she said she didn't feel like swimming and anyway, the sheep dog that was splashing about was just too loud!

On the way back to the car we ran and and jumped around in the grass, so by the time we got back we were both dry. Which was just as well 'cos OTL don't like wet doggies in his car, unless it is raining outside!

The afternoon was spent having our 'after noon and lunch' snoozett, which we spread over five different sleeping places, OTL's bed, our day bed, OTL's desk top, next to TM on the sofa and stretched out in front of the lounge window. It's a sort off mobile sleep, with attitude!

Well, vet time came and Holly got bundled into the car and off she went with OTL and his wallet.

She spent a long time in there and in the end the vet was unsure what caused the sore patch but he gave her some antibiotics and some anti inflammatory pills to take and she has got to go back on Friday afternoon.

The vet said that we may need to take a sample of tissue from her nose to determine what the problem was but Holly would need to be sedated to do that AND have the fur shaved off her nose!

She said that she hoped the pills work!

So, OTL is bathing the patch with warm salt water, which Holly hates. She understands that he is doing it to make her better, but she still hates it!

Let's hope she is in better shape tomorrow.

I'll let you know how she gets on.

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (with a sore nose)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another Hot and Noisy Day

Hi Folks,

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

We've been very good girls today, Holly has not dug any holes in the garden and I've not helped her!

What are we after? Why bless my tail, what makes you think we are after anything?

Mind you, now that you mention it, a paddling pool would go down a treat!

We have been sitting in front of the air fan, getting our fur ruffled and cooling our noses as well. It was a bit scary to begin with but we soon worked out that it was safe AND it cooled us down a bit.

We've been out to the Sea Wall again and this time we had a paddle in the sea, Old Two Legs was walking along the beach with us and he found a Nelly Fish washed up on the beach. We'd never seen one before but he told us not to touch it 'cos it has stings in it's tail and it would hurt us. So we left it alone 'cos OTL was serious when he said that!

Don't Touch the Nelly Fish!

We also saw That Rabbit again, you know, the one that sits outside it's burrow and blows raspberry's at us so that we will chase him and when we get there, he's gone!

Rabbit's Gone Again!
Well he did it again and Holly and I chased after him, we nearly got him. Next time we will try setting a trap!

We got back home and we heard a load of crashing and banging going on, OTL says it's a thunderstorm out to sea, which is OK as long as it stays there. Holly was getting a little worried 'cos she don't like big bangs and fireworks that go whizzz and pop!

So we stayed with OTL in the office until it stopped. First of all there was some wind then all of a sudden the rain came down, heavily, for about five minutes, then all the rain stopped and the noise stopped.

Then we went back to sleep on his bed!

We know how to ride a storm!

Didn't it come down, the roof looked like it had a layer of mist on it where the water was bouncing off the tiles. Every time it went Boom, Holly and I woofed to show we weren't scared, much.

Tomorrow we have asked if we can go to The Farm, 'cos we haven't been there for a week or two and the sniffs must have changed and there might be new foxes and badgers and other stuff we are missing out on.

So claws crossed for a sunny day and a gentle breeze!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunny Monday

Hello All,

We're back again!

What warm day! I hope it stays like this for our summer holiday. We're off to Scotland again, in fact we're going to the Isle of Mull and Old Two Legs has promised us he will take us up a mountain!

Holly says she will have to get fitted up with a climbing harness plus an ice pick and lots of Kendal Mint Cake! I don't know about the gear but the cake bit sounds good!

OTL wanted to know which one of us would be carrying the barrel of whisky around our necks so he can have a slurp half way up the mountain!

I've been to Scotland last year and although we didn't climb any mountains, we did go up some very big hills. There was also an enormous sandy beach by the sea where I could run and paddle and dig holes. OTL says there are some beaches like that on the Isle of Mull but it will be a car drive away from the camp site, so, let's have a drive as well!

Me and Holly are already saving up our pocket money so we can buy some Haggis, OTL says they are too fast for us to catch, so we'll have to have one of the captive bred ones.

This morning we spent some time in the garden getting a sun tan and chewing carrots and woofing at the birds. The Missus has been running around the house with a vacuum cleaner all morning, that thing sounds like a jet engine on full burn!

Lunch time we got to go down to the Sea Wall again but it was really just too hot to run around and what was worse, the tide was out, so no splashing in the water!

Holly had a go at chasing a couple of pigeons but they flew off before she could get to them. Holly says that they taste like chicken but OTL says 'no, but they are nice', Holly wants to try one just to make sure!

Here, little Pigeons!
We saw four men eating their sandwiches and Holly wanted to go down and mug them for a nibble but OTL said that they were on their lunch break and would not be happy 'cos they got to go back to work soon and there wasn't even any water they could look at, just mud, which is not too much fun unless you were rolling in it and if you did, you would not be allowed back into work and you would lose your overtime money.

Lunch by the mud!
We didn't really understand all that, but we left them alone, this time, they may not be so lucky next time!

OTL tried to get us a paddling pool for the garden so we can have a splash about, but it seems everyone wants one and the shops had all sold out, so OTL is going to keep his eyes open when he goes out, just in case there is one big enough for Holly and me to have a splash in the garden!

He did suggest that he got the garden hose out and gave us a quick wash down but we told him that if he did that, we would hear burglars every night, every half an hour for a month!

OTL is still looking for a paddling pool!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Brrrm! Brrrm! and all that

Hello Woofers,

D & H back with you again.

Wow! What a scorcher it has been today! It started off this morning all cloudy with a little bit of wind but as the day went on it just got hotter and hotter.

I even spent some time in the garden catching up on my sun tan!

We were out good and early with Old Two Legs, having a run across the fields, good fun that is 'cos there is always horse poo on the path and Holly likes to tease OTL by picking up a lump and running off with it while he jumps up and down shouting NOOOOOOO!

We watched the F1 Racing and was most upset that Lewis and Jenson were not up there collecting trophy's.

Next race is Silverstone, so we are keeping our claws crossed for a win from either of the lads!

We had a couple of walks around the Sea Wall, first with OTL then later, OTL and The Missus. Well it was too hot for card making indoors and a run alone the wall is great way to get fresh air.

One of the good things about sun shine is, it bring people out onto the Sea Wall, with picnics and picnics mean food we can mug!

Well we do try but OTL calls us off before we can get into serious 'Mugging' mode.

I was playing our normal 'chase' along the wall when all of a sudden, OTL was gone!

Where's OTL?
Holly spotted him hiding below the sea wall so we both chased him along the beach, woofing and barking at the sea gulls.

Holly spotted a rabbit so we both dived off into the long grass to chase it.

I can't see it Holly!
After a while we decided it was lost and even my expert way of looking over the grass didn't manage to spot him again!

Not here either!
  After a while we decided it was too hot for rabbits, so we went back home again.

All the way back we were Ooo'ing to OTL's music in the car and woofing at the other dogs we see.

Poor TM gets all in a state when we do the woofing bit, she thinks that the other dogs can hear us or see us scrabbling at the windows, we don't care though 'cos they can't get to us, so we can say what we like to all of them!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Pole Position for Holly?

HI Woofers,

Daisy & Holly here again.

We were tired little puppies last night, I went to bed around half past eight and settled down to a nibble of Holly's chew that I had sneaked from under the mattress where she hid it!

Holly didn't come up until about ten, but she falls asleep on Old Two Legs chair cuddling his leg with her chin!

OTL took the chew away again and put it on the chest of drawers again but that didn't stop me this morning. I worked out that if I jump onto the bed , I can reach up by standing on my back legs, and get the chew!

Yo Ho, happiness is a gnawed chew!

Except when Holly takes it back!

After our morning walk across the fields we settled down to watch the F1 qualifying rounds and share the new rawhide roll The Missus got for us.

Holly was cheering for Lewis Hamilton and I was shouting for Jenson Button.

What happened?

Lewis was third on the grid and Jenson number six!

We shall have to wait until tomorrow for the race and see who wins!

OTL took us down to the Sea Wall again and as we were walking back we saw an old boat go past, OTL said it was a sort of paddle steamer but he was not too sure 'cos there was no white foam where the paddles should be.

Old Steamer
Still, it made a change from container ships and gas containers that go up and down the river.

I spotted a rabbit and chased after it, OTL had set his camera so it looked like I was travelling at the speed of light, which I wasn't, it just seemed like it!

I'm Flying!
Y'know, we've almost finished off the super chew from Auntie Karen (cat person), so we will have to have a chat with The Missus next time she does her shopping!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy (Button) & Holly (Hamilton)

Friday, 24 June 2011

Fun Friday

Hi All,

Daisy & Holly here again.

We had some fun this morning, early this morning, in fact, very early this morning!

As you remember, yesterday we got a super chew from Auntie Karen (Cat Person) and we settled down to a wonderful evening of gnawing away at it. Holly suggested we take them to bed for a midnight chew, but I said that would wake up The Missus and Old Two Legs.

Well, Holly being Holly, she took no notice and got caught, in the bedroom with a chew, on OTL's bed.

So he took it away from her and put it on top of the chest of drawers in the bedroom, where Holly couldn't get to it.

That left my chew, in the hall way, placed in a safe place behind the big purple bag TM uses when she goes cropping.

Around three this morning I was woken up by the sound of Holly having a good gnaw on My Chew!

That was it,out I went and we had a grumble and a woof and I got it off her, then had a chew myself. Problem was, it sort of woke TM up, so we pretended that we wanted to have a wee and shot down to the garden door to be let out. When the door was opened, we rushed out and pretended to have a wee, at top speed, you know, out, turn around and back again and racing up stairs to the chew before Holly got to it!

We got into bed and after TM got back to bed, we crept out to where I hid the chew, we had turns in gnawing and when one got tired the other took over, so no more woofing. Slowly the chew got gnawed until it disappeared!

That was OK, until we remembered that there was Holly's chew on top of the chest of drawers but we couldn't get to it.

Well, things were sort of 'normal' in the morning, everyone got up and we went out for a walk then OTL brushed us and made us look super smart again and he went off up stairs to the office.

Holly followed OTL while I stayed to see if there was any chicken left from last night.

I heard her woof at OTL but didn't think anything of it.

Suddenly, Holly rushed past me and into the garden and appeared to go sniffing around the tree trunk. Little did I know, she had got her chew from on top of the chest of drawers by woofing at OTL, then rushed into the garden to hide it from me!

It wasn't long before I spotted it!

Holly was there in a flash and decide to move it to a safer place!

It's not safe here!
So, she picks it up and tries to give it to OTL for safe keeping, but he's not having any of that!

That would be taking sides!

So here we are wondering where to hide it!

Just where is a Safe Place?
Needless to say, Holly has got to get past my super sniffing nose, OTL's big feet where he is always treading on stuff and of course TM's need to keep the place 'Tidy'.

Mind you it's a different thing when she's playing at card making, there's rubbish all over the place!

To help Holly decide, OTL took us back to the New Park for a run.

I tried ever so hard to be 'confident', as OTL tells me I should, so, when I saw another doggy, I lay down in play mode but kept my tail up in the air to make it look like I was 'Boss Lady' and it worked!

Call me Miss!
That was OK right up to when she wanted to sniff my tail.

Nice Tail!
I got all upset and growled at her, then ran away!

One day I'll be big and brave!

Back home to hunt for Holly's chew!

Bye bye for now, see your tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Day in The Park

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again.

Us dogs like to sniff and taste most things at least once and some times they bite back! Holly had an upset tummy this morning and has not been feeling as lively as normal.

Still, that didn't stop her from going to the New Park with Me and Old Two Legs.

First of all we met an old crow sitting on a fence post, just watching the world go by. We saw a big Bumble Bee heading his way, both together we shouted 'Duck!' No, he said I'm a Cro--ow! as the Bumble Bee hit him!

A Bee Line for a Crow!
That made us both laugh!

We both got inside the Indian Tee Pee and went Nah! Nah! Nah! at the crow as he flew off!

Nah! Nah! Nah!
We headed on up the path towards The Guardians, they are the ones that keep a watch on the park and make notes on who is being naughty!

Up to The Guardians!
So, we both said 'Hello' as we went past and Holly said that they had a super view of all the park and even as far as the horizon.

A view to the horizon and beyond!
When we got down to the Swimming Hole, there was Micky running and splashing about, pretending he was rescuing his ball from the water.

Micky to The Rescue!
Holly said he was a strong swimmer and very fit, and I said that she fancied him really!

He's so fit!
On the way back to the car we met up with Billy, he started off by going into 'Play' mode and we walked towards him, but all of a sudden he jumped up and started to chase me! 

Wanna Play?

Why do they all want to chase me?

Well, off we went again, around in circles around OTL and around Holly, then around OTL again. I was getting a little fed up with it all. So I turned around and sort of yelped as though he had nipped me.

Then OTL crouched down to say hello to Billy, but I jumped onto his lap and as soon as Billy got near enough, I snapped at him and tried to take a lump out of his nose!

OTL told me off, sort off, then held Billy while his owner put him on a lead. 

That sorted him out for a while, no running off lead for him until I was good and gone!

Aw! I only wanted a game!
Back home for another snooze and some of OTL's lunch!

Holly said she felt a little better this afternoon, her tummy wasn't rumbling so much.

That was good 'cos OTL took us out again but this time we went to the Sea Wall for a run. When we got there we saw an enormous storm over the Essex coast, OTL thought there may even be thunder and lightening there, but we didn't hear anything.

Storm over Essex
We got back home and had our dinner, chicken and biscuits! OTL and The Missus didn't sit down to their meal at the normal time, then we heard a knocking at the door, it was Auntie Karen (one of the cat people), and we made a fuss of her with a few licks in each ear!

Best of all, she had brought us a super chew each!

That is, Holly and me, not OTL & TM!

It was a quick 'Thanks' then a rush up stairs to our Day Bed for a pleasant hour having a chew. It was the super'ist chew we've had for a long time and the best bit is, it will last us for at least five days, a real 'Super Chew'!

Holly says we should sneak it into bed tonight so we can have a gnaw after midnight when we get a little peckish!

Don't tell TM 'cos she always complains if we bring food to bed with us!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Off to see The Boys

Hello Woofers,

D&H here again.

We had an exhausting day today, first of all there was the 'getting up' bit, you know, the transition between waking up and having an 'after get up snooze', but, we're tough little puppies and we managed to find our day bed without too much trouble!

Then there was the going out for 'walkies', first of all with The Missus and then a run along the Sea Wall with Old Two Legs.

After lunch TM took us off to collect The Boys from school and for a change we went down to The Lakes for a run around.

We met up with a Spaniel dog who was chasing a ball being thrown by his owner. Well, we joined in the chasing bit and for about two hours we were chasing up and down the hill. The ball would get thrown and us and Ralph (that's his name)  chased after the ball. We were not as fast as Ralph and he always got to the ball first, but that didn't stop Holly and me from having a go!

Mind you, we are Terrier Types and don't do the retrieving bit like Ralph, we sort of chase after it, bite it and look for the next one to chase.

Us Terriers don't do 'fetch and carry'!

Well, needless to say, after two hours of running around we were tired little puppies and when we got home we decided that an early night would be a good idea, in fact, I was in bed by eight thirty!

So, with another big yawn, it's good night from me and a good night from her!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A New Friend

Hi All!

Daisy & Holly back again.

This has been a good day today, Old Two Legs had to go out this morning without us. He was doing some work on a big boat in Sheerness harbour and they didn't let doggies like us into the harbour, even if we stayed in the car!

The best bit is, it took OTL almost an hour to get from our house to the docks and yet when we go walking along the Sea Wall, we can see the docks from where the fishermen stand.

Had we known that, we would have got The Missus to take us there so we could wave to OTL!

We didn't like him going off on his own and kept a close watch on the front window in case he sneaked back!

When he did come back we made a big fuss of him and he got both ears licked as a welcome!

We went out for a walk down to the Sea Wall and we found the pram thingy that they carry boats on when they go out in the car, but we couldn't see any boats, maybe they had gone over to Sheerness for a cup of tea or something!

No Boat!
 We met up with Bella, a one year old who had a bad start in life. She was found with a broken leg on the streets of London and it was lucky that when she got handed in to the police she met up with the lady who now looks after her and she made her leg better.

A New Mate
 We had a fun chase up and down the wall and down to the sea side where we had a paddle.

Play Fighting
It was good fun to have another doggy to play with who was about my size, for a change, normally I just get big dogs chasing me and I get all worried and have to go to OTL for protection!

All worn out!

I think Holly might have been put out that I played with Bella, but after Bella had gone, Holly and me played chase all the way back to the car and I didn't grab hold of her tail once! 

Holly and me will keep a look out for Bella the next time we are down the Sea Wall!

I hope you all had a good day, so bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Monday, 20 June 2011

Daisy and the Ball

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

This morning it was a little damp when we had our walk and we ended up with grubby paws.

Old Two Legs normally gives us a brush when we get back but today he was busy in the office, so we went straight thorough to breakfast, chicken and biscuits and a bowl of water.

After OTL had done all his manufacturing we got our brush and a 'Treat Nibble' of Doggy Chocs!

We played with OTL having a 'First to Blink' game. This is where we all go into play mode, chin on ground, paws by the side of chin and bottom up in the air.

Then we look at each other, tail wagging is allowed but no other movement.

Holly and me have fun like this all the time but OTL likes to think he can play it as well as us.

No Way!

Just to make sure, we let him get into play mode, then look at him, deep into his eyes. Our tails are wagging but he doesn't have a tail so he can't get rid of any 'twitches' that come from looking into some ones eyes.

So, when we think he is about to bust we either, jump forward and give him a lick on the nose or we roll over on one side and say 'Gottcha'

Poor OTL, he doesn't know what he did to loose the game........and we won't tell him!

Another run around The New Park and we had a splash in the Swimming Hole,  it was OK but we still didn't go further than our tummies!
Well, you go further then!
There was a Spaniel sort of dog called Bella who was rushing into the water to fetch her ball. She would come out of the water, drop the ball, woof at her owner to throw the ball again. I thought that was silly, so I rushed in, grabbed the ball and ran off a few yards and dropped the ball.

Gottcha Ball!
 Bella rushed around, sniffing until she found the ball again, took it back to be thrown into the water again.

A good game but it got boring after a while!

We headed back to the car and Holly decided to play 'Boo' with OTL, she would hide, like I do, and then jump out at him and woof 'Boo', in doggy, of course!
Holly met up with a big wolf looking dog that she liked the smell of and followed him back down the path. She said he had a nice sniff to him, I said it was where he fell asleep in his food bowl!

Meaty Chunk and biscuits!
We had chicken again this evening for dinner, plus what we could mug from OTL and The Missus.

With a bit of luck, there may be some chicken left for breakfast tomorrow!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Fathers Day Special

Hello Woofers!

D&H back again.

Today is Fathers day and although we know that Old Two Legs is not our 'real' father, we sort of think of him as 'daddy' especially when we need protecting or have something nasty that needs sorting, like burs or sore paws or ticks.

Well, we were going to make him a card but we had a problem with the peel off's getting stuck on our noses and folding the card got us in a right mess!

So, instead we both woke him up this morning with a big special lick in each of his ears!

To celebrate, we went down to the Sea Wall and had a run up and down, stopping to laugh at the fishermen who were still trying to teach their worms to swim!

Fat chance!

More swimming worms!
Holly and me decided we would go for a swim but after I paddled in the water up to my tummy I decided it was too cold and told Holly she could go swimming on her own.
Fat chance!

Is it wet and cold?
We got back and then had a visit from The Boys. Holly played a game of 'Let's Lick Everyone' and I joined in, it was fun, especially when Momma Lisa got a lick. She says that we tickle her!

I haven't even touched her yet!
Matthew played the game and Holly gave him a big lick his nose!

A smacker from Holly!
Thomas, we had to attack from the top of the chair, that was fun jumping onto his shoulders!

Gottcha Tom!
We all had tea and Holly and me got some turkey as well! The Missus said that was a special treat as we had been such good puppies!

Might even be good again if we see her cooking more turkey tomorrow!

Off to bed now, so, bye bye for now!

Daisy & Holly

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A day for Ooo'ing!

Hello Fans,

It's us back again!

We've been at home with Old Two Legs today as The Missus went off to her crop in the village hall. She and her mates spend all day waving glue pots about and throwing glitter over everything, then, she comes home with a half finished card!

What a way to spend a Saturday!            All gas and glitter!

OTL and us had a good morning, we had fun chasing around the house, he was chasing Holly and me all over the place, around the garden and through the kitchen and up stairs. Holly and me can get through the steps in the stairs on the run but OTL has to go around, so, we beat him every time!

Lunch time we went out down to The New Park, a good run all around The Orchard and up to The Guardians then back to the Swimming Hole.

It was a long run and we had great fun, OTL took us along where the horses walk, so, there were loads of horse poo for us to sniff. OTL has got this thing about keeping us away from the horse poo, dunno why, it don't smell that bad and it's nice and soft to roll in!

We jumped onto a seat and OTL tried to take some pictures of us, but we kept on looking the other way. Poor OTL was getting all wound up trying to get us to look at him!

A quick look!

Scruffy Holly
 When we did look at him, we pulled faces and tried to look scruffy, which wasn't difficult for Holly!

My Best Side?
 We stopped at the Swimming Hole and had a drink. Just as we were doing that, a load of other doggies came down and we had a splash about, well Holly did, I just kept out of the way!

The 'In' place to be!
There was one show off who was swimming out to get her ball, but to start off she just had to do a big jump and belly flop, causing a Big Splash!

Show Off!

....and now a submarine!
OTL could see some rain clouds on the horizon, so we headed back to the car. On the way back we saw a little 'Sausage' dog. She was called Frankie, only six months old, Holly said that Frankie was short for Frankfurter, a sort of German sausage, and that's why they call them sausage dogs!

I said they called her Frankie 'cos it was a nice name and any way, she didn't sound German  when she woofed!

Frankie & Us!
On the way back to home, in the car, OTL was playing some Bob Dylan music. There was one song that had rhyming words like Gloom, Room and Soon. We liked this Ooo'ing, so we joined in the song, going Ooo, Ooo, Ooo all the way home! OTL thought it was great fun!

Maybe we will go out for an adventure tomorrow, now that will be fun!

See you soon.


Daisy & Holly