Sunday, 15 October 2017

Short Back and Stuff this for a game of Woofers!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret!

Well, it couldn't be put off any longer, I managed to stay out of view all morning and even got the lunchtime walkies!

Then it was back home and no matter how much I tried to stay 'Invisible'  Old Two Legs called me to the garden shed where all the items of torture were kept, including a nasty vicious wind machine that they accurately call a 'Blaster'.

I don't like blasters!

Actually, it all started yesterday evening, The Missus had gone out on one of her jollies leaving OTL wondering what to do, a DVD or a TV program or.....................let's de-knot poor Daisy!

In the end it was a DVD (the same one Archie Babe watched) and, de knot Daisy!

So, after lunch today I was de- knotted but covered in sniffs!

I was washed in the big 'Plasterers Bath' then wrapped up in a doggy towel and marched off to the shed where the table stood waiting for this poor woofer. out came the Blaster and I just ducked right down. I didn't like it at the poodle parlour and I don't like it at home!

OTL seemed not to care and carried on blasting the water from everywhere on mu body, and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Once I was dry, out came the electric shears and he proceeded to shave the excess hair off my body, all over, and under, and around the back and the front, then down my legs!

I was not a happy woofer, I don't like the electric shears and soon started to yelp and howl as soon as the shears were switched on, never mind when he started to shave off some hair!

Holly was helping as well 'coss she was woofing at OTL telling him not to hurt me and I was yelping in case he got too near with the shears.

Things sort of ground to a halt.

OTL had an idea, out came the special set of scissors for woofer trimming and he set about snipping away, with me being very nervous every time I heard a 'snip, snip'!

I let him work away with the scissors and even stood still as he cut the hair between the pads on my paws. However, I drew the line at claw clipping, I hate that and you could see the result 'cos my dew claw had curled right around, so that means the poodle parlour hadn't trimmed them as OTL had asked!

Naughty poodle parlour!

Well, OTL manged to get his clippers in and trim a few of the longest claws and one dew claw that had curled around but the other he had to leave 'cos I was making too much of a fuss every time he got close!

I can see him taking the clippers away on holiday and catching me unawares!

Well, it took longer than he had planned but he went to town snipping away and in the end we agreed that it wasn't too bad!

So, de sniffed, washed, shaved and trimmed, I suppose it will do for another four weeks!

Does me face look balanced?
 You know, I really was not in the mood for photo's, I suppose you can tell from my frown!

Well, at least my tail feels right!
Mind you, it didn't help having Holly Chops walking behind me saying but butt looked big!

My butt does not look half as big as hers!
So, there we are, all ready to go on holiday tomorrow.

OTL has been looking at the description of the site and noticed that the 'Free Wi-Fi' is only applicable to the wooden hut on the site, not all over as we are used to! So, we will try to get the blog out as normal but it will need a bit of planning, like write up the blog, all pictures to a file, go down to the hut and up load. It sounds easy but what would happen if we were late and the hut was shut? Would we still get on line if we stood outside and looked in through the window?

We will find out tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.