Monday, 31 October 2011

Shampoo & Set Day

Hello Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back with you again!

We had a small 'Rebellion' this morning, we knew that we were off to the 'Parlour' today for our Shampoo & Set, and, as The Missus was taking us out for our early morning walk, we decided that a really good chase across The Fields would get us set up for the day, and give the 'Parlour' some work to do to earn their money!

Back we came, covered in mud, from the pads on our paws up to the bend in our knees, I mean, black, sticky, lumps of mud. All of it stuck to our fur, it was great, that will give them something to wash off!

Trouble was, Old Two Legs came down from the office and saw what a fine mess we were in and commanded, 'Washing time for you two!

So, there we were, up to our knees in warm soapy water getting all that lovely mud washed off!

Breakfast finished with, we were both put in the car and off we went to the 'Parlour'. At first we didn't recognise the place, all the woofing from the dogs in the kennels, then it dawned on us!

I jumped up at OTL's leg and tried my best 'Please don't leave me here' look but he just gave me a rub on my haunches and told me to be a big brave girl.

I didn't feel like a big brave girl, in fact it was as much as I could do not to start whimpering and crying!

The details are unimportant, but in the end both Holly and I looked 'The Business', clean, blow dried, smelling of something the Two Legs like to sniff and our claws were trimmed to just the right length.

Two thirty came and we were taken from the cage where we were having a snooze and there was OTL & TM waiting for us!

That was it, we were out the door in a flash!

Back safe in the car we gave OTL and TM a good 'Hello' lick then Holly said 'Let's get the Woof out of here!' Which was OK 'cos the next stop was the Doggy Shop, wonderful sniffs there, the layout had been changed and they had a vet in there as well!

We stayed well clear of the vet but helped OTL choose some biscuits and some sausages for our 'Christmas Card Photo Shoot' tomorrow.

We had great fun last year doing the shoot and managed to get through all the sausages before we did our famous 'Cute Puppy Pose'

Christmas Card Photo 2010

We will be saving the picture for Christmas, so no peaking in the files hoping to catch a preview! However, we may show you how it was set up, that's always good for a laugh!

Well, we certainly had some fun doing it last year , so this year should be a right hoot!

Sorry there is no photo's today but what with the 'Parlour' and all that stuff there was not enough time!

Watch out for tomorrows tale (tail?) it will make up for today!

Bye bye for now, chicken and biscuits are calling!


Daisy & Holly