Monday, 22 April 2013

A Monochrome Day!

Hello Woofers!

It's the Daisy, Holly & Snowflake Show!

First things first, 'Well Done' to Andrea, she finished the London Marathon but after crossing the finishing line she was rushed off to the Medical Tent for some treatment. Nothing serious and she was let out and packed off home! As her running mate said, ' I was a bit worried at the time, but she still had her makeup on!'

Snowflake decided it may be a bit too chilly this morning for a run, so she said that she would have a run at Lunch Time!

Off we went with Old Two Legs, now we know he is as old as the hills and on top of that he is going deaf and his eyes are not too good. What is worse is he is getting forgetful, I can see that one day he will forget where home is and we'll all be lost!

Today he took his camera with him but for some reason he had left it set on Monochrome (Black & White), so all today's pictures look 'Old Fashion'!

I'm not sure if I like them or not.

This one is OTL's favourite.

Sun Shine
 I like this one, mainly 'cos I'm just about to run into the picture!

I'm just to the right of the picture!

 Of course, Miss Holly Show Off just had to get in and do one of her 'Poses'.....Tart!

Do I look Good or Wot!

 Now, this one is a Male Chaffinch, doesn't it look strange in Black & White?

Mr Chaffinch

 Snowflake says she likes this one, obviously she's got no taste!

Looking towards the Isle of Sheep.
We went out at lunch time and Snowflake came with us, rushing along, sniffin and snuffling, jus' like us!

She had a stroll on the beach and then decided to have a poo, so OTL picked it up, as he does, and then off we went again.

Along the path came a man driving a small tractor with some grass cutting machinery on the back. He stopped and had a word with OTL. It seems that the 'Three Man Bins' that have been put up will accept the poo bags from all the dog walkers, OTL asked if that includes Ferret Poo as well!

We didn't have the camera 'cos OTL gets a bit flustered, two dogs and a ferret plus a camera!

Snowflake did the whole one mile walk and a bit more 'cos she kept going back to check up on a sniff she had missed!

She also got into 'Hunting Mode' 'cos she started to chase down some of the mouse runs in the grass!

Back home we all had an afternoon snooze, except OTL who was busy manufacturing stuff, he makes so much noise!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake