Thursday, 2 May 2019

Oak Apple Gall Wasps and Creepy Trees!

Hi Woofers!

Back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Eric de Ferret and Monty de Ferret!

It has been rather warm and sunny today down here in North Kent. However, the morning sun rise was a little disappointing, hardly a glow, more of a dull smudge!

See what we mean?
 Mind you, it was fun when Old Two Legs pointed out one of the trees who had his face on today!

Treebeard is an old cousin of mine!
 Walking along the path through the forest OTL saw a tree with a funny growth on it. He said it was a caused by a Oak Apple Gall Wasp. The tree didn't have its leaves out yet so we couldn't say if it was an Oak Tree but after they are out we will check again!

Yep! That's the front door for the Gall Wasp!
 Lunchtime was warm and today both May and Eric were awake, they said they would love a run out.

This field is full of sniffs!
 The local Parish Council Members look after the sea front and keep the grass mown. OTL keeps telling them they should leave some weeds for the insects but they keep chopping the weeds back. So, it was pleasant to see some plants growing, before they chop it all down again!

Now that looks pretty!
 Miss May spent most of the time on the ground but Eric asked if he could spend time in the Ferret Bag, that was until we turned for home and then he jumped down a scurried all the way back to the car!

You know this bag is so warm and comfortable!
 Mind you, he did enjoy the run back to the car and all the sniffs along the way!

Hey! How's this for a pose!

It was good to read how helpful Archie Babe has been, helping to clear up all the mess his Two Legs has made with her new electric gissmo!

Dinner has just been called, It's Mugging Time!

See you tomorrow!