Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I can see the Sun Shine!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again!

What a change in the weather, the fog has gone, almost, and the sun has come out again!

We went out with The Missus this morning and had a good chase across The Fields, woofing at a Bichon Frise as we passed and running away when he woofed back!

I spent most of the morning up with Old Two Legs and Holly stayed with TM 'cos she had food and Holly is not one to miss out on the chance of a nibble of someone else's food, even mine if I'm not careful!

Every so often I would wake up and climb onto OTL's lap for a cuddle or even climb up to the back of his chair and sit on his shoulders and lick his ear!

After lunch it was a run down to the Sea Wall to chase the rabbits while OTL looks for toadstools and fairies!

Well, OTL didn't find any fairies and we missed out on the rabbits but we did meet up with a few doggies we have met before.

First of there was the Westie that was a little unsure and we ended up chasing him, for a change!


Then along came his mates and they ended up chasing us!

They're after me!

That was all OK and we took it in good heart. All of a sudden, there was the young lad who told us he was going to get 'Done'

We said 'Hello' and Holly asked 'How's it Hanging?'

'It ain't', was all we got, then he turned around and said to the Westie, 'They took away my favourite toys!'

They've taken me toys way!
That's the trouble with the young, they won't listen to good advice!

OTL did suggest that he should look hard amongst the toadstools for a Fairy and if he was a good dog, he might get three wishes, well we know what two wishes would be but he couldn't think of a third!

So, we left them to it and headed for home!

When we got back home it was a case of 'wipe your feet, turn around and off we go again.' Leaving OTL at home we were off to The Boys and to say Happy Birthday to Boss Man.

It was great fun charging around the house and having a dig in the garden. Holly showed me where she had buried an old toy, it smelt super, all muddy and damp, just like a toy should be. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to bring it into the house 'cos TM said it 'smelt rotten', that's her problem, no taste!

We then had a game of football with the boys and I was getting good at dribbling the ball with my front legs but it was the goal kick I couldn't get right. Holly had to spoil it, she sat on the ball and grumbled at anyone who came close!

TM has just called us for dinner, so off we go!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly