Friday, 13 April 2012

Squirrel Hunting, Doggy Style!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly back on a misty Friday Morning.

We were up early this morning, well, about six thirty, which is 'Normal time' for us!

Old Two Legs got a lick on the ear but as he never woke up we decided to have a short snooze on the end of the bed and wait for The Missus to let us out for our morning wander around the garden!

OTL finally got up and after a shower took us down to the Sea Wall as normal.

It was misty, little or no wind at all and the Fog Horns were blowing as well, so it must have been bad out to sea!

Listen to the Fog Horns!

That didn't stop us having a chase around looking for those rabbits. Not that we found any, Holly says they were still in bed!

On our way back we heard a rustling sound in the bushes and we spotted a Wolf!

It was all big and mean looking and it was coming down the hill towards us!

It's a WOLF!!!
Then it spotted us!

Oh NO! It's Spotted Us!

So, being big brave puppies, we quickly ran up to OTL to protect us from this Big Dangerous Wolf with Big Slavering Jaws and a Mean Look in his eye!

It's After Us!!!!

OTL took a picture when it was right down the bottom of the ditch, then the wolf disappeared!

Just to make sure, we ran off as well, towards the car!

Back home to a good brush and some of the Lambs Heart left over from last night.

Of up to OTLs office for a snooze until lunch time when we decided it was time we did some serious Squirrel Hunting!

This involves careful planning, a strategy, and me in charge of it all! Holly said I was being bossy again but I told her that if she wanted to taste Squirrel, do as I say!

First we creep into The Forest and I take a tip from Barney. Instead of woofing and charging off after the squirrel, I stand and 'Point', so Holly knows where the squirrel is.

Me, Pointing like a Professional!
Trouble was, Holly was back a bit and didn't see me 'Point', instead she woofed out 'Look There's One Over There in the Woods!'

That was it, I had no choice other than to Chaaaarge!

Me doing a CHAAAARGE!!

Well, that didn't work, so I explained to Holly that we will have to stalk them by hunting 'Indian Style'

Holly asked if that means we got to have a Chicken Curry first?

I said that I didn't think she had her full attention pointed towards getting a squirrel today!

Hunting 'Indian Style'
As we were going along, we spotted another squirrel on the ground, digging up some nuts he had hidden last year.

Once again, it was Holly letting off a Big Woof that gave us away and up the tree the squirrel went like greased lightening!

It's got away hasn't it?

It wasn't long before Holly and OTL got fed up with the squirrel hunt and Holly went off sniffing trees and OTL started photographing flowers, again!

Not sure what this is but.......It's pretty!

There was this one that he didn't know what it was but it looked pretty and if you accept it was a hand held camera and no tripod, I suppose it was OK!

Another Bluebell!
 Of course, he just had to stop at the Bluebell patch!

Back home we went, no squirrels but we did see some Nuthatch birds and two Jays, but they were too far away for OTL to get a good photo.

An afternoon snooze and TM should be back soon to feed us. Not sure what we got tonight, let's hope it's not that Doggy Dins stuff. It's horrible!

Bye bye for now.

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly (She likes a very mild Chicken Curry)