Thursday, 20 December 2012

Holly's Got The Hump!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly!

Did you hear it rain last night? We did, it was belting down all night long, it even woke us up!

We were doing the 'Puppy Patrols' but not looking out for Burglars or Foxes or Cats but rather to make sure the house didn't spring any leaks during the night!

The rain slackened off around getting up time so Old Two Legs didn't think twice about us going for a walk, mind you, he did put our rain coats on us, 'just in case'!

That was 'Just As Well' 'cos as soon as we stepped outside, it started to rain again!

When we got down to The Sea Wall, it was still raining, OTL had been having fun driving through all the puddles on the way down to the car park, so the car was all muddy and grubby!

We started our walk and Holly announced that she was 'Not Happy'!

As you know, Holly does not 'Do' Rain, Puddles, Cold, Wet and Early Mornings! This walk was combination of all the things Holly doesn't do!

Here is Holly 'Highlighted', Not Doing!
 We trotted along the Sea Wall and OTL even got the ball out for a little game of 'Chase' but not even that cheered Holly up, mind you, she 'Doesn't do Balls' either!

I am not 'Doing' Anything This Morning!
 When we got to the first 'Short Cut' back to the car, Holly did a Right Hand Turn and headed off!

I've had enough!
 I must admit, it was getting a bit damp behind the ears! You see, we don't have waterproof fur like Labradors have so once we get wet, we feel the cold. I don't mind getting wet when I go for a swim but I only do that when it's warm and today is not warm!

As Holly will testify!

I Don't Do Puddles!
 Back home we both had a good rub down with the Doggy Towel, we had one rub down in the car but a second just sort of finishes it off! After a good brush we tripped excitedly into the kitchen for breakfast!

Doggy Scoff!

That was it, Holly was right fed up now, wet and cold paws, rain trickling down her tail and to add to all that. Doggy Scoff!

We both retired to our Day Bed and sulked for the rest of the morning!

Lunch time it was still raining, so, we weren't too pleased about being bundled into the car but as OTL insisted, we agreed!

When we got to the car park, OTL told us to stay in the car while he crept out the door and closed it behind him! We were left in the car, on our own while he was doing his 'Creepy' run around!

What was he doing? Even the people in the two cars beside us didn't know what he was up to!

Finally he came back and showed us what he was photographing!

I've eaten too many Frogs!

Now, we had never seen a Grey Heron this close and even Holly was impressed!

Then she asked.......................................'Does it taste like Chicken?'

We jumped out of the car and rushed around to have a look but as we went around the corner the heron saw us and flew off! Holly was disappointed, all she wanted was a little nibble to see if it did taste like chicken!

That was it, off we went for our walk but it still was raining, so we decided it was going to be a quick one!

Mind you, I did get OTL to get the ball out for a couple of chases along the Sea Wall but he was still useless at throwing!

OK, Where's the Ball?
Back home we spent the afternoon snoozing until OTL had to go out to post off some stuff, so we joined him for a drive and a woof at the local cats!

Now, we are getting close to dinner time but we can't sniff any food being cooked, I do hope OTL isn't being served Ham Salad!

We'll let you know!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly