Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday, so it must be experiment time!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We were up a whole hour earlier than normal today. You see we have to get The Missus and her ton of card stuff up the hall by seven thirty so she can get prepared for her 'Master Class'!

We were still half asleep, so were the ferrets and Old Two Legs was bumping off the walls, until he got out in the cold morning air!

It was looking like the rain was about to descend on us, so OTL decided to leave the camera at home.

We all had a game on the beach, Holly and I played a game of 'Chase' while both ferrets played 'Chase OTL'!

They both chased him up the beach and onto the grass path. We didn't meet another woofer, it was just too early!

Back home, Holly and I headed for our snooze cushions!

Snoozy Time!
Miss Snowflake and OTL had a game of 'Chase The Squeaky Ball' and we could hear both her and him going 'Ho, Ho, Ho'!

When ferrets do that it is called 'Dooking', when it is OTL doing it, it's called 'Being Soppy'!

Mind you, when Brambles disappeared, Snowflake said that she gets embarrassed when he gets caught in our food bowl!

He's off again!
It wasn't too long before he was found, and as usual, there he was 'Testing' our biscuits!

Now, OTL has been sorting out some of his cupboards and came across he 35mm film camera and of course that has sparked his interest in not only film but Black & White film!

Now, the first thing you have to do with B&W is to get a Yellow Filter, 'cos that helps the clouds stand out. Of course, with film you have to get it developed and printed before you can see if it all worked. So, OTL, being a clever old stick decided that he would do some practise with his small digital camera, just to see what the filter would do to a B&W picture.

He found a couple of filters, Yellow and Red, and they arrived in the post today, so lunchtime there we were, on the beach, sniffin' and clicking!

The first one shows you what it would be like if you didn't convert it to B&W in the camera!

Almost an ethereal!
Having switched it all over to B&W, off he went clicking away, checking, then deleting and trying again!

Not Bad, Not Perfect but Not Bad!
You can see what the clouds look like. Normally you would expose for the Sea Wall and the clouds would be all white and no definition but with a filter, boom! There they are!

Now, just imagine what it would be like with a Graduated Neutral Density filter! 

Maybe an ND Filter?
Next he tried some shots of Holly and me at the bench. We were wondering where the Wormy Men had gone, maybe they got the quota for today and gone home to watch the rugby!

OK, where are they?
So, not bad as a 'First Try' tomorrow we will try the Red Filter which should darken it a bit more and then at lunchtime, providing it's not raining, we may try the Yellow Filter and the Graduated ND Filter!

Ooooooh! Don't you just love it when he gets all 'Technical'!

Back home to a snooze and then OTL went off to collect TM and her stuff. We sat in front of the window and pretty soon back they came!

Holly and I got a little excited and woofed all over the house!

Tomorrow OTL plans to clean the printer head on the printer 'cos there are some jets bunged up and it's a two day job believe it or not!

Now, we are off to do some mugging!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!