Thursday, 31 August 2017

First day of Autumn?

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret here!

We were watching the news this morning and there was a slot for the weather woman who told us all that today is the last day of Summer and tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!

Autumn already? We haven't had our second holiday yet!

Old Two Legs had better get things organised or we will be making sandcastles in the snow!

OTL belongs to a Ferret Forum where he reads all about ferrets and what they get up to. He also has in the past, uploaded pictures of our mob if they were doing anything funny or interesting.

He had to save the picture on a free photo site and link it to the Ferret Forum, well that was the way it happened right up to the moment the 'Free Site' wanted to charge $399 a year to carry on the service!

You can guess what OTL said about that!

So, he has found another 'Free Site' called Flickr where he can do wot he used to do and a picture of Eric in the Cat Litter is now on the Ferret Forum.

While he was in the Flickr site he did a search on ferrets and found two pictures of him and Snowflake down on the Sea Wall!

Fame or wot?

Next he found this one  The Ferret Man

Now it's going to be five bob just to talk to him! Actually, it's not a bad photo!

Enough of this fame bit, any more and we will get The Missus showing off 'cos she reckons she is more famous than OTL!

Down on the beach we met up with Bryn, Polly and Bo.

An early morning sniff, you just can't beat it!
 On the way back OTL stopped by the blackberry bushes where the fruit was ripening, yep, Autumn is on it's way!

Fruits of Autumn?
 The sky couldn't make up it's ind what it wanted to do, one moment it was sunny and next, clouds!

Looks like Wet Clouds to us!
 We said 'Hello' to Mr Corvid who was hunting lunch in the rock pools, even he agreed that the weather was changing.

With a bit of luck it may be a mild Winter.
Back home OTL has been working on the computer as it is the end of the month and he needs to get all the invoices off to his customers.

Next week we have Alun and Glynis visiting for a couple of days. It is normally a great time and OTL always gets 'Giggly' with Alun as they plan their next trip 'Off Season'!

Alun wants to go hunting Sea Eagles while OTL fancies a trip over to the Outer Hebrides to see the stone circles!

One good thing for us, we get a share of the Chinese Take a Way with loads of Plawns and the Plawn Clackers!

This afternoon the rain came down and on OTL's Weather Gissmo, it registered 10.5mm of rain! You know it all fell in a ten minute 'window', there were puddles everywhere!

I'm not sure what is for dinner tonight, knowing our good fortune it will be Doggy Scoff, so that means OTL is in for some serious mugging!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy and Eric de Ferret.