Wednesday, 30 October 2013

OTL Triumphs Again!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles, (Still a bit sore)!

Well, all is well this end of the world. Mr Brambles had a restful night and so did Snowflake. They were both in separate beds and different floors!

Mr Brambles was up early with Old Two Legs and the rowing machine. You know he is doing well over a thousand strokes in about thirty five minutes so that is good news!

OTL had a problem trying to work out how to get Mr Brambles to take his medicine, it's not worth sloshing it over his ferret nuggets 'cos you don't know what one he is going to eat and which one he will store under his bed for later!

Our normal routine is to give the ferrets a drink of Lactose Free milk first thing and Mr Brambles is a right pig for it. Problem solved! A little drop of milk and a squirt of medicine and Hey Presto! Medicine taken!

Sneaky Old Two Legs!

Mr Brambles was left in bed while Snowflake came out with us for a run first thing. It was sunny and not much wind and no rabbits! Mind you, I did look for them but they were hiding in their burrows and wouldn't come out!

Snowflake had some fun on the beach, she found an old tree branch and asked us what it was about a bit of dead wood that made us, well me, jump in the water?

But it's just a twig!
 Holly thought it was a great laugh and told Snowflake to throw the stick. I was up on the Sea Wall and heard them talking, so I peeped over the top and said 'Go on then, just throw it and see what happens!

Go On, Throw it then!
 Before she could do anything a real Bozo of a doggy came bounding up to the wall and started to woof at Snowflake.

Come up here and let me see you!
 We all thought it was rather rude of him especially as he hadn't introduce himself properly and none of us knew how he sniffed!

I don't like that Bozo of a Dog!
 Holly and I both woofed at him and he quickly got the message.........Woof Of Bozo!

Back home to a super chicken breakfast and OTL did his clearing up while we were eating.

After breakfast OTL gave us a choice, stay at home and snooze of come with him to deliver some stuff and maybe drop in at the New Park!

Silly question, we were at the front door before he even finished the question!

Mind you, there was a lot to do but in the end we got to the New Park and I was looking forward to a swim in the Swimming Hole!

OTL didn't see things my way and we had a walk around the back of the park, where all the rabbits normally run about. So, no swimming today!

Around the Back Roads!
 When we couldn't find any rabbits in the open Holly and I tried our luck in amongst the trees and bushes!

Well, they Have been here!
 Sadly we were out of luck, no matter how hard we tried. Holly reckons they may just be out shopping down the supermarket!

'Hello Watchers!'
 We carried on and didn't forget to say hello to The Watchers as we passed.

Then we met up with a few of the locals, some big ones and some small ones, of course we all shared information on sniffs!

Yo Matey, did you catch the sniff at the sign post? Pretty Good it is!

Back home we both crashed out for a well earned snooze and you know what? Those ferrets didn't even wake up to say 'Hello'!

Tomorrow we are back down the vets with Mr Brambles, just to get his 'War Wound' checked out to make sure everything is mending properly.

So, bye bye for now and we'll be back tomorrow with any news.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.