Saturday, 15 January 2011

A Busy Day Today

Hi Woofers!

We're back again.

You know, Old Two Legs has been telling us what a good life we lead..........really?

In fact he said we live a 'Right Dogs Life' We're dogs aren't we?

I must admit, we do have a hard time keeping up the punishing schedule all through the day. 

After a hard night of sleeping and woofing at the cats going past we struggle out of bed to greet Old Two Legs and The Missus. Then it's a quick run around the garden to check that all is OK, have a wee and back for a snooze before a light breakfast. Off up to OTL, just to make sure he has got up, then a quick 'After Wake Up Snooze' before going out for our morning run.

Back for a rub down and a good brush up by OTL before second breakfast, after which we go to our 'Day Bed' in the office for our  'After Breakfast Snooze'. A little later we wake and have a wander around the house, just to check TM is OK and no Badgers have crept in while we were snoozing.

Lunch time is here, so, a little lunch and a chance to mug OTL and TM for what they are eating before going out for our midday stroll around the football field. Back we come for any nibbles that are left and just in time for our 'Early Afternoon Snoozett'.

If we are lucky, around now is when we get to go for our daily 'Adventure', you know, charging around the Forest or over the Farm or down by the Riverside. Of course, on the way home we have another snooze, just to relax us after all that effort.

OTL wakes us up around 4pm so we can go with him to the post and the carriers. We enjoy the trip down there but get tired of woofing at all the people and dogs as we pass them. So we have a gentle snooze on the way back home.

When we get home, it's a quick rush around the house and garden to see if the Badgers have left any meat pies laying around before jumping onto the sofa for a 'Pre Dinner Snooze', waking only to try some mugging when OTL & TM sit down for their dinner.

After eating our dinner we settle down for an evening snooze to let our meal go down, then it's a run around the garden before going to bed.

Now, is that not a hard days work for little puppies like us?

A dogs life indeed, he doesn't know what a dogs life is, it's just go, go,go all day long!

Kissy Kissy,

Daisy & Holly