Saturday, 2 March 2013

Dancing Oyster Catcher and The New Park

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you!

Snowflake has said that her new bed is really 'The Business' and she says that it is so easy to move around!

Yesterday PeterC said that her bed should be secured with large safety pins. Is he joking? As Snowflake says 'She eats them for Breakfast!'

So it looks like OTL will be making her bed for her for the foreseeable future!

On our walk this morning we saw an Oyster Catcher waving his leg around to get the invertebrates to move so he can get his breakfast.

You put you left leg in............!
 I shouted out that he should try jumping up and down with both legs but he said that if I could do any better I should get out there!

Jump, go on JUMP!
 I said that I got my breakfast waiting for me when I get home!

It was just then when Mrs Corvid came flying past with a bit of a whelk, 'Got My Starter' she called out!

Got my breakfast Starter!
 We carried on and in the distance we spotted a rabbit, sitting in the middle of the path. It was shouting to us to try and catch him! Has he got a death wish or wot!

Come on if you think your fast enough!
 Well, we were more interested in a particularly interesting sniff, as Holly said, 'We'll get him another time!'

No Thanks, got better things to do!
 Back home we had breakfast, Doggy Scoff, followed by a snooze while Old Two Legs was working away in the office. He got going with his work  and we jumped up on the bed for our snooze. It was then that Snowflake decided she wanted a run around, so, with all her toys and with the help of the boxes OTL was planning to package up the stuff, Snowflake had a super time moving the toys about and terrorising OTL by climbing up his leg and stopping him working on the computer!

Finally he had enough and stopped work to play with her!

Lunch time we got to go down The New Park and we had a great run around, chasing OTL and the ball and each other!

Come on, lets have a game!
We were running and playing and as we started to climb the hill up to The Watchers. Holly was puffing a bit and was complaining that the hill was getting steeper every time she climbed it!

This is getting steeper!
I said that it was she was carrying more weight up the hill every time she climbed it!

A bit later we met up with this scruff bag looking dog who started to sniff our tails without getting permission, so I got all big and brave and woofed him away and chased him down the path and OTL called me a 'Big Brave Girl!'

 Holly met up with Barry who said that he could run faster than both of us and he had chased rabbits back down their holes and he could go anywhere he wanted!

Holly did point out that he was still on a lead and he could only run about six feet with that attached!

At least she wasn't on a lead and could run free, if she so desired, so there!

Go on, your lead is pulling you!
  Because it is Saturday, the park is full up with loads of Two Legs and dogs having walks and games. We met up with a a youngster who was jumping around all over the place looking for a game, we had a chase but he was a bit too big for me and Holly said he was too fast for her!

Come on, lets have a run!
 Back home we were both worn out, back up to our beds for a well earned afternoon snooze.

The Missus was watching the F1 testing which we found a bit boring, so that helped us to fall asleep even quicker!

Snowflake was still sleeping, (in her new bed), but we reckon she will be up this evening for another chase around with OTL!

We see that the weather is going to get better over the next few days, so who knows, OTL might be out in the garden getting it finished before long!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake