Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Help! Our Legs are all worn out!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here!

Well, after yesterday what could go wrong?

We got a message through from the man who is driving he Articulated Truck, he is in Scotland and lost somewhere near Altnaharra, where ever that is!

But he has a problem, the roads are too tight to turn around so he is off to see if some where the road goes around in a circle and comes back again!

The Missus is not a Happy Crafter!

She decided this morning that she has been 'Inspired' and set about sloshing the glue pot around the caravan.

The ferrets went back to sleep under the blanket and Old Two Legs and us got told to 'Clear Orf' and don't come back until tonight!

We headed off to see a place thingy called The Strid, yeah we reckon it should have an 'e' on the end but they do things funny up this end of the country!

So, off we set walking along side the river.

At the start of out trip we normally get rid of any unwanted weight, so, one poo bag, two puppies and three poo's later we were trotting along the river bank singing our 'Walking Songs'!

That was until we arrived at the first Poo Bin!

OTL was in a good mood 'cos he had only used one poo bag on two doggies and three poo's, anything to save a copper or two!

We reckon it must be the air up here!

So, off we went trotting along the path by the side of the river.

Now this walk OTL had decided on went up one side of the river and then all the way back to the abbey, across the river again and back to the caravan site.

What he didn't tell us was it would mean a twelve mile walk!

Twelve Woofin Miles!

Now that wasn't the only surprise we got!

We found a couple of tree trunks on the ground and a seat made out of a fallen tree trunk, all of the had money driven into the cracks!
A Munny Branch Seat?
 This was terrible! All that dosh just left in the tree for anyone to pickup!

OTL says that if he had his pliers with him he could have made a 'Withdrawal' from this branch!

On we marched for what seemed like hours and hours. Up and down the path went, some times it was like climbing a mountain and other times we thought we needed ropes and ice axes!

Finally we got back, OTL had decided of a couple of places he wanted to revisit and take photos and we had decided we needed a snooze!

Two Worn Out Woofers!
 We were 'Cream Crackered' as OTL says and the rest of the afternoon was taken up with 'Resting'!

Not sure what we are going to mug off OTL but we know the first course is King Prawns!

Now we can't remember photos from the camera  the songs we were singing but 'Itchy Paw Like That' was on the list according to OTL, so that might have been us you heard as we went past!

See you all tomorrow and OTL says he is going to get his camera out 'cos transferring pictures from the phone to the computer is driving him potty!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret!