Monday, 2 September 2013

Going around in Circles!

Hi Woofers!

We're back, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Have we had a good laugh today!

It started really early this morning, about six I think it was, the sun hadn't got above the horizon properly when Old Two Legs (Fatty Sailor Man) rolled out of bed and staggered into the office. He had left the rowing machine set up last night 'cos he didn't trust himself to set it up in the morning 'cos he is on 'Auto Pilot' until midday!

Well, he plonked himself down onto the seat and strapped his feet into the foot pedals and started a 'Warm Up' paddle!

Then he gets going on his 'real' rowing. You should have seen him, there he was sort of grunting on every stroke and as he was doing that, the two ferrets were watching him from the cage door. They had their paws on the cage wire looking out at him sliding up and down the runner, their heads were going just like a Two Legs watching tennis!

Plonk, plonk,......plonk, plonk!

Holly and I wandered into the office as well, we stood by the door and watched OTL zoom past the door going forwards, then zoom back holding onto the pole that is supposed to be the oars!

Zoom, zoom......zoooom, zoom!

The grunting and blowing was most comical!

All this rowing and plonking and zooming means that the rowing machine starts to move as well and pretty soon it is beginning to rotate around the office, so by the time OTL was ready to collapse, sorry, we mean Finish, the machine was facing the other way!

So all that rowing and he had gone around in circles!

Now, you remember that last night he managed to do forty strokes a minute for ten minutes? This morning it took him fourteen minutes to do four hundred strokes!

Not very good, not only is he going around in circles but he is going backwards at the same time!

We don't think OTL is very good at this rowing lark!

We were all laughing when we went out for our walk this morning and OTL started to show off and say that it wasn't fair 'cos he kept feeling like he was going to fall off, which made us laugh even more, well I mean, he can't sleep without falling out of bed and now he can't row without falling off the machine!

It's a good job he's not in a real rowing boat, can you imagine it?

Row, row, Splash!

Lunch time came and OTL said that he couldn't stand any more Micky Taking by us, so, off to the Forrest for a run for us and some peace and quiet for OTL!

Holly was enjoying herself, sniffin' the sniffs, I found some enormous poo in the middle of the path. It smelt of cow poo, but were there any cows in our forest?

I thought there was only squirrels in the forest but it seems that we have cows here now, or some mighty big squirrel with a seriously upset tummy!

Did you see the size of that Poo?
We were creeping through the woods when a Hover Fly stopped and warned us about big cows hiding in the forest ahead of us!
Beware of Cows behind the trees!
We carried on and didn't see any cows at all! Holly had a good sniff at the gate, just to check out the road ahead!

No Sniffin' Cows ahead!
OTL was too busy chasing Hover Flies to pay any attention to what was ahead, so we left him bothering a fly who was trying to catch some rays!

Take that camera and Buzz OFF!
We were all enjoying the woods and the warm weather and climbing over the tree trunks when all of a sudden Holly stops and whispers over her shoulder.......Jus' Look at That Monster Squirrel!

Hello Girls!
  OTL laughed and called us 'Potty Puppies' and said that we had found the Highland Cattle that were here to keep the bracken down!

Holly and I didn't hang about to say hello, they were just too big!

Well, that's it for today, will OTL sink the rowing machine?  Will the ferrets get over watching OTL wobble all over the office?

More answers tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles