Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Snow & Snowflake Bites Again!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again!

Another cold morning walk and this time Old Two Legs forgot our coats! We got down to The Sea Wall and after sticking our noses out we decided that the best this to do is 'Keep Moving'!

So, straight out of the car and run like mad to where the rabbits are, nothing! A quick sniff to see who's about then run back to OTL who is wandering along the path!

We dived down onto the beach, had a quick dig and then ran up the steps, turned around and ran back for another quick dig!
Faster than a speeding Bullet!
 That was keeping us warm. Next Holly said that she was going to run down the path and I had to find her!

Off she went while I had a sniff of some grass and she called out that she was ready and off I went.

Well, Holly isn't that good at hiding, you see, rather than staying out of sight and not moving, she keeps sticking her head up to see if we are close!

We see You!
That game didn't last long so we went back to chasing around!

I found a small stick, so I picked it up and pretended to be a Bozo Labrador fetching the stick back to OTL, trouble was, it tasted Horrid!

Yuk! How can they pick up sticks like that!
 I soon spat it out again! Those dogs can keep their sticks for all I care!

We carried on and turned for the car, we got running a bit faster and OTL put his head down 'cos the wind was blowing straight into his hood and all the warm air was blowing out the bottom of the jacket!

As most of it was now downhill, Holly got a real good turn of speed, 

'Look' she said, 'Faster Than The Speed Of Light'!

Light Speed or Warp Factor Six!
Back home we had Doggy Scoff served up by The Missus, that's it, back to normal, what about the chicken legs left over in the freezer?

OTL got out his camera and several lenses and his 'Depth of Field Calculator and set up the tripod again so he can take some more pictures of Snowflake.

So, we have Snowflake doing her 'Compulsive Tidying Up' thing with her squeaky toys.

Out of the way, Ferret Coming Through!
I think that she is hiding them away so OTL can't play with them, she is quite fond of the Bone, but that was one of our toys we let her play with when she first came to stay.

However, her most favourite squeaky is  the American Football one. She says there is no doggy sniff to that so she feels that it is really her very own squeaky toy instead of a 'Hand me Down'.

'Cos before she came here, she had never had a toy to play with and call her own!

All together...............Ahaaaaaaaaaa!

Never ending Housework!
All this running around makes a ferret thirsty, so, OTL always gets her bowl of water out of Snowy Heights just in case she needs a slurp now and again!

Off for a Slurp!
After she had a drink she looked up and spotted OTL's woolly hat on top of the camera box, 'Ooo' says Snowflake, 'Is that another sort of Squeaky?'
Wossat I See?
OTL told her she wasn't going to get it, so Snowflake had a little show off and even tried to climb up the side of the case but there were no claw holds and she fell back down!

After all that chasing about she said she felt a little sleepy and was going to have a snooze on the carpet. Not a good idea as she picked the place where everyone walked in and out of the office, so OTL picked her up and put her to bed for a snooze.

I do feel snoozy now
OTL still had one more lens to try but that will have to wait until the next time Snowflake wakes up!

Later on she woke up again and did her 'Let Me OUT' rattle on the cage door, well actually, it sounded line she was wrecking the place and throwing railway tracks all over the place!

So out she came and the first thing she did was to have a look at the new lens, 'Mmmmm', she said, 'I see you're trying the 10.5mm Auto Focus Fish-Eye!' then she got a bit closer and whispered to OTL, 'Not sure if this is the right lens to use on a moving target, I think I would have tried the 105mm if it were up to me!'

Then she did a bit of jumping about and then slowed down for the 'Pose' shot, which would have been a bit of an Ahaaaa shot, except for the ferret sized nose splodge in the middle of the lens! (you can pick it out just where her head finishes and the door begins!)

OK, I can do Demure as well!
Then she went into 'Hunt Mode', that's where she goes hunting for her squeaky toy and this time OTL had it in his hand, just out of sight, above the camera.

As Snowflake says, 'Give Me My Squeaky or I'll Have Your Finger!'

No body argues with a Ferret on The Hunt!
We all settled down to a snooze before dinner and Snowflake said she had worn herself out today so she was going to bed early today. That also means she will want a runabout before we all settle down to the night time sleep!

By the way, on our lunch time stroll OTL took the Anemometer (Try saying that!) with him and said that the temperature was 1.5 degrees Celsius but when you add in the Wind Chill factor, it was MINUS 6.5 degrees Celsius!


Roll on summer!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake