Sunday, 12 August 2012

We've Arrived!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

After we left the camp site, Holly was looking out of the window and said she saw a monster splashing around in the loch and shouted out Look Nessie!

We all looked over but all we saw was a big Labrador chasing sticks!

Holly was telling porkies!

Driving down towards the ferry I was looking out of the window at the forests and trying to Spot Squirrels 'cos I'm sure there must be hundreds of them swinging through the trees gathering nuts!

Holly said that we should be seeing The Haggis in the fields during the day 'cos they come down from the mountains to graze during the day. We have been doing some reading on the Internet on how to hunt Haggis and Holly has been looking on how to stuff and cook Wild Haggis!

Well, it will make a change from Doggy Scoff!

Driving through the mountains here is super, I know we have some hills at home but nothing like these mountains. Holly says she wants to climb up to the top of one on her holiday but OTL said there are some serious hills but no mountains on Islay, so we will pick a hill for a day out with OTL.

Holly says we can pretend to be 'Mountain Dogs' and carry barrels of whisky around our necks in case we meet any climbers who need rescuing or just fancy a slurp, but we won't have any shortbread!

We had to wait for a while before the ferry came in and it took ages to load up.
Waiting for The Boat to come in!
We arrived first but we were the last to get on!

Head of the Queue but Last On!
Mine you, it was no where near as boring as the trip over to Islay, I mean, boring just does not do it justice.

We couldn't run around the decks chasing the sailors, we couldn't woof at the children and we couldn't wee on the carpet!

You can tell we were bored!

Bored, Bored BORED!
Better still, there were some other dogs on the ferry as well and they were just as bored as us. There was one who managed to take boring to a new level!

Seriously Bored!
There was a funny looking load of glass tubes with bubbles in them, in the middle of the room we were in, not really sure what it was for but OTL seemed taken with it, so he took a picture!

Strange or Wot!
We kept a look out for Sea Monsters and Dolphins and Otters. Holly said she saw a Sea Horse but we know she was telling Porkies again!

When we got to the caravan site it was windy, so OTL put off erecting the awning. But what a view! Like it was worth not having the awning up just for the view!

Better still, every so often a gang of sheep wander by on the other side of the fence, so we have fun standing at the window woofin!

Out the front of the caravan!
This evening OTL is making a list of all the places he wants to visit, strangely, they are all Whisky Distilleries!

Sunday we think they are all closed, so it's a run on the beach for us and digging holes!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & Mac Holly

Sorry the blog is a bit late but the WiFi is only accessible when the centre is open and it shuts at night! Also, OTL's Dongle keeps loosing the signal, so that means no blog.  We will blog each day but it may be a little late!