Friday, 21 September 2012

Frightening Friday!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here!

What a day we've had!

First of all, Holly, she has not been on top of the world the last two days and finally what ever it was that upset her finally left her, this morning, on our first walk of the day.

Old Two Legs had to give her a good clean down in the car park and Holly had to stand on the parcel shelf while OTL gave her a clean up.

Holly said it was a bit embarrassing having it done on the parcel shelf in full view of everyone in the car park but did admit she really needed a wipe down!

Back home and a wash with Doggy Shampoo soon cleaned Holly's backside and she retired to the sofa for a snooze, but only after a bit of chicken for breakfast!

Come lunch time it took a bit of persuading to get Holly off the sofa for a walk but OTL said we can go down The Forest again, so Holly decided that she would come with us!

Well, down in the woods we started off with a sniff around the path to see who was about and if there had been any squirrels trotting past as well!

Sniffin the Sniffs!

No luck, they seemed to have decided to keep to the trees!

We kept up our hunting and finally I spotted a sneaky squirrel half way down a tree trunk, looking at us and trying to decide which way it should go, back up or down!

It went back!

Off we went and came across a couple of Woofers coming down the path towards the gate we were going through. Now, we are smallish sort of dogs and we tend to use our brains rather that our weight, mainly because we not very heavy!

Well, when we saw these two dogs our blood went cold!

The first was a big, fat, lumbering, great Rottweiler and he came up, took one look and went off to pee up a tree trunk!

The second was, well I don't know, it was En, blooming, normous! It scared me and I ran and hid behind OTL's legs and didn't say a thing!

Holly was on the other side of the gate and thought she was safe, that was until the dogs went through the gate, first the Rottweiler trotted through and then this 'Thing' went through!

It walked past me 'cos I reckon he didn't see me but he spotted Holly and put his head down for a sniff.

Holly thought it was going to eat her and gave out with a big yelp and rushed through the gate and behind OTL's legs where I was!

A 'Close Thing' said Holly, 'Did you see the size of that thing!'

Off we went laughing about the dogs and pretending we weren't scared at all. T show how big and brave we were, I stood in the middle of the path and did one of my 'Ya Boo & Sucks' woofs that start off in a Woof, then go into a Howl and ends in a WoooWooooWooooo!

It's a sort of doggy insult that says :-


That is a rough translation 'cos there are subtle woofs in there that make it a bit of a challenge and a rude bit about the way you smell and what we think of your Father as well!

Off we went looking for more squirrels, we were sneaking around the bushes and all the tree trunks!

Sneaking around a tree!
We were passed by a Labrador who was holding a ball in it's mouth, of course, OTL just had to throw it for him!

He went on ahead and then stopped at the top of the hill, we stood in the middle of the path, OTL stood still and asked what the matter was.

There, standing on top of the hill, right on top of the hill, standing over the Labrador, was that Big Dog again!

Holly said, 'Do you think he heard you shouting?'

I did my 'Jumping up at OTL's Leg' trick that means 'Help! Pick me up, Quick!'

OTL crouched down and I didn't wait for him to pick me up, I jumped up onto his lap and then onto his shoulders and hid behind his head!

Holly, being the big brave puppy she is, ran under OTL's legs and hid there!

'Just Look at him' said Holly, 'He towers over that Labrador!

Look at the size of That!
Holly said that it looks like it has some Poodle in it and I said it looks like the other half is a horse!

We stood very,very still as it passed OTL and us, we didn't say a word as it wandered off down the path.

Slowly, very slowly, we came out from behind OTL and ran off down the path, in the opposite direction! Holly did suggest that we don't do the 'Ya Boo' call until we were back safe inside in the car!

I though that was a 'Very Good Idea!'

Back home for a snooze before dinner. OTL has got some sort of Rustic Chicken tonight, so we are planning to give him a good mugging!

Bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly