Friday, 10 February 2012

It's a Squirrel Type of Day!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

It has been a bit of a mixed day today, first of all we both woke up early this morning, Old Two Legs was snoring his head off!

Holly and I jumped up onto the bed and gave his ears a good licking and Holly even licked his nose! That stopped him making such a noise!

We had our morning walk along the Sea Wall but OTL forgot to bring his camera, well, to be honest, he brought his camera but forgot to bring the battery that had been on charge over night!

Now that was a shame 'cos you missed out on seeing Holly wrestling with a big otter we found on the beach and the near miss we both had with the Sea Eagle that was sitting on top of the bushes. Of course, there were loads of Greylag geese trying to dig up all the worms before the Wormy Men got out there on the mud.

So it was a shame you missed all that, just 'cos OTL forgot the camera battery!

After lunch we headed off to The Forest to hunt for more squirrels, we started off by sniffing for their tracks in the snow.

Sniffin for Squirrel Tracks!
We found the tracks but they didn't lead us to any squirrels. Holly said it would be a good idea if we tried tracking them on the fallen trees where they run about looking for where they buried their nuts!

Here! I smell Squirrel Wee!
It seemed to go well at first with Holly finding some interesting sniffs.

Then I had a go and found some signs of squirrels

Look! Squirrel Poo!
It was OK finding the traces of squirrel, but it didn't lead to actually finding a live, running, jumping Hairy Tailed Squirrel!

There's more Wee Here!
In the end I gave up, it's OK looking for squirrels but if they are going to stay in bed then there's no point in hunting them!

We set off looking for anything else that was moving. We found some birds dancing around and tweeting in the trees, then Holly spotted a Tree Creeper going up the tree looking for food!

Tree Creeper
Towards the end of the walk, OTL and Holly had got ahead of me and I spotted a squirrel and his brother sitting on the branches over my head! I stopped and watched them for a bit, I called to Holly to come back but she was more interested in a sniff near the gate. OTL wanted to get back to the car and had Holly on the lead, so, I just sat there and kept an eye on them, just in case they came down to the ground, I would have got both of them if they did!

I can see them!
No such luck! Off they went and both of them blew raspberries as they went!

Back home for a meal of Lambs Heart, one of our favourite dinners!

We went up to OTL to mug some of his dinner but poor lad, The Missus had given him Pork Pie and salad!

No wonder he was looking so glum! We rushed off to eat our dinner before he got the idea that lambs heart would be better than pork pie and salad!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly