Friday, 2 December 2011

It's Friday Already!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

We woke up this morning to a chilly feel in the air, it was a lovely sunrise and a clear blue sky. A good reason to get back to a nice warm bed!

Old Two Legs took us down to the Sea Wall where we chased three rabbits across the grass and down the holes! It was good fun catching them above ground so early in he morning, we reckon they have been out partying the night away and were late in getting home!

We saw a Goldcrest in the tree twittering away, so OTL took this photo, not brilliant but OK, did you now that it is the smallest bird in Europe?

Goldcrest with Attitude!
Holly took up here place on the Sea Wall and said she was keeping an eye out for Pirates, but she didn't see any, just a load of sea birds feeding on the mud! OTL took a picture using the Black & White setting in the camera but as Holly says, 'We're Black & White already!'

A Black & White dog in Black & White!
So, OTL got closer and took another, in colour, just when Holly was saying she looked good in this pose.

Looking Good?
I said that it was a case of a Poser showing how big her 'Butt' is!

That's when the fight started!

It didn't last long 'cos we saw a Spaniel coming along the wall, so we stopped and had a real good look. OTL said we had a 'Twinkle' in our eyes!

Puppies with a Twinkle!
Well, you've got to put up a good front when another dog comes along, you know, 'You mess with me and you mess with my sister as well!'

That normally sorts them out!

We also saw a man picking bits of sea weed off the breakwater. OTL was curious to know what he was doing. So, OTL being OTL asked him! It seems he is from the Natural History Museum and was doing a survey on what sort of sea weed was around the coast. Well, we could have told him that if he asked us in the first place!

Its the Green Sea Weed!

Sea Weed Sampling!
This afternoon we went to see The Boys and Ethan & Finley and load of other people. Best of all we got to have some freshly cooked chicken!

And, we also managed to mug some tit bits from the table, sneaky or what!

Back home again and now we are going to have a 'before bed snoozette', just to wind down a little!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly