Monday, 16 July 2012

We escape being kidnapped, just!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy & Holly!

just to let you know, after yesterdays running around the show and not having our day time snooze breaks, we were very tired little dogs last night.

We slept all the way through the night, except for one alarm when we heard a noise out side and told whoever it was to 'Woof Off'.

You know, even The Missus joined in the Woofin' bit! 

Our walk along The Sea Wall was without any excitement, except for the rabbit chasing and posing for Old Two Legs so he could get an Ahhhhha! picture of us both.

Trouble was, he forgot to down load them to the computer and deleted them from the camera before he realised what he was doing!

Wot! a Plonker!

Lunch time he tried to make up for it and took some more, but Holly and I were just not in the mood to pose, so.........................

OTL got fed up in the end and chased us along the Sea Wall threatening to unscrew our tails so we could never be happy again!

This afternoon we were out delivering stuff and secretly we were expecting to go down the New Park but it got a bit late so we gave up looking for the turn off the motorway.

Instead, we ended up at the Doggy Shop!

I'll tell you, that place has sniffs to die for! First of all there is the Rabbits and Gerbils and other furry animals just inside the door.

Holly and I sit there pretending we are ordering up our dinner!

Then down the shop we go, heading for possibly the best spot in the whole shop.

The Doggy Treats section!

While OTL was getting some chews and chicken strips, we were sniffin the roast Pigs Ears and then the Beef Jerky and the beef bones and the pigs ears and the rawhide chews and the biscuits filled with tasty stuff and the pigs ears!

There was a young female two legs filling up the shelf who took a fancy to us and gave us both a tickle behind the ear. She then offered us a bit of stuff from one of the 'Help Yourself' buckets.

We had a sniff and decided that was not for us, so, she got a couple of other things out of a bucket and offered those to us, we didn't fancy them either!

We also remembered what OTL had told us, 'Never to accept nibbles from Strangers''cos we might get kidnapped!

So we didn't have anything from her and instead followed OTL back towards the checkout.

There was something he had put in the basket for us that we could smell even if it was wrapped in plastic!

Back to the car we both stuck our noses into the plastic bag and tried to get the pack out, BBQ Sausages!

We just love them!

OTL opened one pack and got a sausage out, broke it in half and gave one half to Holly who gobbled it down in no time whatsoever.

I am more of a refined doggy, first I sniff the sausage, then I lick the end that was open, then I nibbled a little off the end while OTL held the sausage, then, after enjoying the subtle flavours, I bit a lump off the end!

Holly was going potty trying to take the rest of my sausage away from OTL but he held on to it until I was ready for another nibble, which I had, and so it went on until the sausage had gone!

With a bit of luck we may get another sausage tonight, well we only have 'Doggy Scoff' in our bowls and to be honest, it is a 'Last Resort' food when all other sources have gone!

OK, we are off to mug OTL for some of his 'Meat Balls' made fresh today by TM!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly