Friday, 19 July 2013

Mr Brambles finds the Poo Tray and we find a Lilly!

Hi Woofers!

It us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Last night Holly and I headed for bed but Old Two Legs went in to see Snowflake and Mr Brambles. They were both awake and ready for a game, so the three of them were playing games of 'Chase The Mouse' and 'Let's Hide in OTL's Boot' and in the end OTL had both of them on his lap having their tummy's tickled and getting slurps of Ferretone!

Well, It's better than a Bed Time Story!

Mr Brambles has been having problems deciding where the best place is to have a wee or a poo, under OTL's desk, behind the office door, on the floor of Snowy Heights anywhere except the poo tray!

Yesterday OTL scooped up Mr Brambles poo and put it in the poo tray together with Snowflakes and left it for a day. Normally OTL cleans it all up every morning but he was trying to get Mr Brambles to 'add to the pile' as it were!

Well, this morning the cage was clean of wee and poo on the floor and the poo tray was well full!

Success of a sort!

That was until Mr Brambles was let out for a run around and stopped at the office door for a quick wee!

He'll learn in the end!

Before taking us out for our morning walk there was a big game in the office, Snowflake, Mr Brambles and OTL were chasing around and Snowflake was chuckling (Dook'ing) while jumping onto Mr Brambles back!

You're not getting away this time!
In fact she got so carried away with her 'War Dance' that when she bumped into OTL's arm, she gave him a quick, playful, nip, and forgot his skin is not as tough as a ferrets!

OTL didn't mind 'cos both ferrets were happy and having fun. It will be great when Mr Brambles gets confident enough to start chuckling like Snowflake does!

Mr Brambles also was chasing Snowflake around and one time he rolled her onto her back and tickled her so much we thought she was going to laugh her head off

Oh No! That's my Tickley Spot!
Mr Brambles continued his exploration of the office and discovered where OTL leaves his boots. There was Snowflake in one and Mr Brambles in the other trying to dig their way out!

OTL just couldn't get to his camera in time!

.....and what's around this corner?
The game was getting all 'Fast & Furious' and sometimes there was nowhere for Mr Brambles to hide!

Snowflake on another Charge!
When Snowflake was in the tunnels, Mr Brambles would come up to OTL for a cuddle and a slurp!

Quick! Pick me up before she gets me again!
 Our morning walk was great, there was a good breeze blowing in off the sea so it wasn't too hot.

OTL has ordered up a blue harness for Mr Brambles and a big sleeping bag so they can both get in and have plenty of room. Also, OTL has ordered up some 'Name Tags' just like ours but much smaller so in case they escape the lead while out walking, they may stand a chance of being reunited.

That's the trouble with ferrets, no homing instinct. Mind you, Snowflake always takes the same path back to the car every time and even turns off into the grass to follow us at the same spot. Holly reckons it's the sniff of us all that she is following.

It will be interesting, when we take Mr Brambles out, to see if he follows the sniff as well!

Now then, Great News! One of 'The Lilly's' has Flowered this morning and as soon as the flower started to open, OTL was out there with his camera clicking away.

It didn't help having a gale force wind blowing around the garden but that's what you have to put up with here, it seems that the houses around here manage to whip up a gentle breeze into a force eight gale!

This is the 'Midday Shot' of the Lilly, tomorrow it should be fully open.

Our first Lilly Flower!
We reckon that tomorrow it will open right up and look even better!

The water droplets were sprayed on by The Missus, OTL said, 'Just sprinkle a Couple of drops on the flower, so she got the watering can and half filled the pond and even chased Holly around trying to wet her tail with the water!

Holly was not amused!

By the way, that bottom petal you can see has a swimming pool big enough for Snowflake and Mr Brambles at the same time!

We have just had a look at the 'Poo Tray and see that Snowflake goes down one end, as normal, and Mr Brambles does his stuff down the other!

How many ferrets do you know with a 'His & Her's' end of a Poo Tray!

We don't know a lot about Mr Brambles history except that  he landed up in the Harrietsham Ferret Rescue Centre and when he arrived he was declared to be four years old. He was up for re homing but when the new owners arrived it was noticed that he was all sort of lethargic and didn't seem to take any interest in anything going on around him. He was given a course of anti biotic stuff and now seems as right as rain!

OTL didn't press them for any more details 'cos as he says, 'It's not the past you should worry about, it's the future that's important'! 

We reckon that Mr Brambles has got a super life ahead of him, good food, an eager 'Dolly Bird' as a mate and Ferretone by the gallon and on top of all that, his own private end of the Poo Tray!

Life just don't get better!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake (Dolly Bird?) and Mr Brambles!