Monday, 28 February 2011

Soggy Sunday

Hello to you all,

D&H back again!

We've had some fun today, we got Old Two Legs up good and early this morning, in fact it was still dark, so it must have been early!

We just felt like a midnight woof and there was something making a noise, mind you, it could have been the central heating starting up again!

OTL took us for a good walk across the fields this morning and we were jumping in all the puddles, up to our knees, it was fun even if it was wet.

We said hello to the horses and they said hello to us. On the way out a woman ran up the path past us and was puffing and blowing like she had something wrong with her, OTL said she was getting exercise, jogging along the path. We thought she was not going to last until the next turning on the path.

We have runs and chase each other all over the place but I'm sure we don't sound like that!

The Missus and OTL took us over the New Park this afternoon. There were loads of other dogs there, we saw big dogs and little dogs and some a bit bigger than little dogs but not as large as big dogs! We woofed and chased a few and got chased by some of the big dogs.

Holly wanted to go swimming in the lake but TM said that if she did she would have to walk home 'cos she was not having a wet dog in the car!

Sometimes TM can be no fun at all.

We had lamb mince again for dinner, it was great, you know I could really get into this uncooked meat stuff, but the rice gets a little boring, especially when it gets cold!

Wonder what's for breakfast tomorrow?

See you soon,


Daisy & Holly