Thursday, 27 June 2013

We go Fox Hunting!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake back with you today!

Have we had a fun day! We were up good and early and also made sure that Old Two Legs was awake, Holly made sure of that 'cos she gave him a good ear lick and then a cuddle!

Trouble was, he went back to sleep, so did Holly and the result was, we all got up late!

Snowflake came out with us and we chased a couple of rabbits, then we had a ferret around in the long grass and guess who came bounding over the hill............Barney!

We hadn't seen Barney for some time so we had a chat and caught up on tales, he told us about his holiday and we told him all about the Isle of Mull and Snowflake told him about her fancy Spa Hotel and his owner told OTL she had Shingles.

OTL said goodbye and legged it down the hill to the Sea Wall!

Back home OTL was in Manufacturing mode again and Snowflake, Holly and me went into sleep mode!

We helped OTL do the deliveries and then it was back to the Sea Wall.

We were just starting our walk when in the distance I spotted a fox, just standing there looking at us!

It took my just two Milli Seconds to decide what a part Fox Terrier should do.......Chaaaarge!

Off I went like a rocket, Holly was close behind, well I thought she was close. but she stopped for a sniff and there I was, all on my own!

Come Here Foxy Chops!
Luckily, my charge up the path got the fox a bit worried and he decided that it would be better if it retreated back to his own bramble bush!
Stand still when I woof at you!
Maybe if we got down the Sea Wall a little earlier we will catch him next time!

After all that excitement I was feeling a little hot, so I decided a quick splash in the water would be a good idea.
Now this is Coooooolll!
 Trouble is, OTL didn't think it was a good idea and called me back onto the beach and told me I was a Mucky Puppy!

Me? Mucky?
Holly thought it was very funny for some reason or other and couldn't stop laughing!

What a Wally!
Back up on the Sea Wall we met up with Fly and his mate. Fly was a good runner but had been mistreated when he was younger but he looks good now, just not so fast!

My name's Fly!
While Fly was woofing at OTL his sister came along and told him to stop woofing, then she went up to OTL and had a cuddle!

I don't know how he does it, all the soppy dogs think he is wonderful! This one is a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chihuahua cross and would you believe she is eight years old!

Look, I know Cute!
 She said that she had been doing 'Cute' all her life and was a real expert!

That was it, I gave up with OTL and we headed back for our afternoon snooze!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!