Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Back to work for OTL and Snowflake has fun!

Hello all you Woofers out there!

Daisy & Holly & Snowflake back with you.

Wot a super day today, well most of it has been!

We were up early this morning and went out to find the pond was frozen! We could tell it was frozen 'cos when we tried to have a drink we just got a cold tongue!

It was a good walk this morning. First of all Old Two Legs spotted a Dunlin that he says was suffering from 'Horizontal Hold' problems!

What's Horizontal Hold?
 Then we bumped into a young Alsatian, she was only ten months old but you could see she was going to be a real looker when she gets older!

She was a bit nervous and wasn't too sure about OTL's camera!

 Then she got really worried, 'Look' she said, 'I can see a doggy in the window!'

I had to explain that she was looking at her own reflection in the camera glass! However, she still didn't seem to get it so in the end we let it go, I mean, there is such a thing as Too Much Information!

 When we got home we saw that in one picture of her eye, you could see OTL and the sun behind him!

There's OTL as well!
 We left her to carry on our walk and as we got to the top of the hill, there bounding along and calling our names was Barney!

He had his Bozo Mate with him, the one who thinks OTL is wonderful!

Helloooo Gillies!
 We all had a chase around and I got a bit worried when the Labrador got a bit too excited and I had to do my 'Warning Woof' just to let them know I was not happy!

Holly of course just charged around with them woofing and running and running and woofing!

Holly having a woofing good chase!
 It wasn't long before we were joined by the Staffy from down near the car park, carrying  her ball of course and also looking like a Bozo!

Wooza Bozo?
 Back home to a bowl of Doggy Scoff! Not our sort of breakfast thank you, we would rather have had chicken or beef steak or even some horse chops!

Holly has just looked over my shoulder to read wot I have said about her and she says that she would say 'neigh' to Horse Meat!

Oh, she is such a Wag sometimes!

OTL had to go out at lunch time to do some work so we stayed with The Missus who was preparing her stuff for the 'Master Class' this weekend.

We missed OTL while he was out but early evening he was back to a good 'Hello' lick from both Holly and me!

Then it was up stairs to see Snowflake and have a chat with her, then OTL let her out for a run around. She was playing with her squeaky toys and OTL was hiding them so she had to hunt for them. One time he did such a good job that she had to ask where they were and can she have them please!

Come on, please let me have my toys!
 She is very funny when she is chasing around trying to hide all her toys from OTL but he always seems to find them!

Now, where do I hide this one?
You see when OTL is playing with Snowflake he is having great fun and so is she. But, he is always very careful to keep his hands away from Snowflake's teeth!

Gently does it Snowflake!
 Snowflake has been sitting on OTL's lap and licking the Ferretone Bottle Cap into which OTL puts a drop and Snowflake says that it is the best bit of the day. Now we find that a bit strange 'cos during the day OTL gives her loads of 'drops' in that cap and she says that all of them are 'The Best Bit of The Day!'

It must be super having so many 'Best Bits!'

Bye bye for now, see you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake