Saturday, 10 August 2013

A 'Master Class' in Ferret?

Hi Woofers!

It's us, 'The Famous Four' back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

What a day today!

It has been all 'Go' since we woke up this morning.

First off we had to get out early to get all the stuff up to the village hall for The Missus's Master Class. Then it was off to The Sea Wall with both Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake.

Now that was a first for Old Two Legs, all four of us out together and no 'Helper'!

He didn't do too bad, lost me once but that wasn't unusual 'cos I was off after the rabbits in the 'Rabbit Patch' and OTL always knows I'm not going to get too lost!

To start off with, Mr Brambles wanted to be put down a soon as possible but Snowflake decided that a nice, warm, comfortable arm was the best place to stay until she got to the beach!

On the other hand, Mr Brambles was up for 'Run an Sniff' jog all the way down to the beach.

Whenever we stopped he would come rushing up from behind and start sniffin' but he started with us instead of the sniff, it don't half make you jump when a ferret suddenly appears between your back legs!

Down on the beach he was digging away while Holly and I had a 'Run and Chase', then I tried to sniff the hole but he chased me off!

Go an' get a 'ole of Your Own!

 Miss Snowflake woke up and everyone was up and moving!

Come On I'm Off Now!
We all have to keep up with her and Mr Brambles did very well.

...and this is the Wall of Death!
I'm sure that OTL applied 'The Brake' to Miss Snowflake just so Mr Brambles had a chance to keep up, especially over the Rocky Bit!

It's OK if you 'Don't Look Down'!

Back home to a plate of 'Doggy Scoff' (YUK!) and a good brush down in readiness for our visit to the village hall.

Around twelve thirty OTL started to get us all ready, harness for the ferrets and our lead for us, plus some water and a towel!

We had decided that after the visit we would be off to the New Park for a change but the ferrets said they would pass on that outing and return to bed!

So, off we went to the village hall.

OTL parked up in the car park and then let us out so we could rush around to the hall entrance, he followed on with the travelling cage.

Then we crashed through the doors!

It was super, we met all the ladies, got patted and stroked, Holly went off looking for biscuits or anything else that was edible!

OTL was hanging onto the ferrets, making sure everyone knew the 'Bitey End' from 'The Strokey End'!

We must say that Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake behaved themselves very well!

We said Hello to all our fans and said hello to some who might be!

After that we dropped the ferrets back home and then off to the New Park!

As soon as we got there OTL was snapping away at the insects.

Go On, Buzz Off!
I didn't hang about waiting for him, I was off to the Swimming Hole!

It was great fun and even Holly had a small 'Dip' to cool her claws off!

OTL threw the ball in but it floated too far out of my reach and I had to ask a passing collie to get it back for me!

He said his name was 'Patch' and he'll do it this once but not again 'cos he had his own ball to play with!

Come Back Ball!
 Then he went back to 'Fetching' his own ball!

Throw It! Throw It!

 Then a big Schnauzer passed by and said that we should take better care of our ball!

Keep Your Ball Safe Girls!
 Off we went around the 'Orchard Walk' which is about two and a half miles long. We stopped a couple of times for a 'Rest' and OTL was back to photographing insects again.

This one is a Gatekeeper Butterfly, not a bad photograph either!

Shut the gate!
 Back home to a snooze and wait for TM to return home. We always give her a big 'Welcome Back Lick' and Holly even lets he have a lick of her chew!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy,, Holly Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles