Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A New Friend

Hi All!

Daisy & Holly back again.

This has been a good day today, Old Two Legs had to go out this morning without us. He was doing some work on a big boat in Sheerness harbour and they didn't let doggies like us into the harbour, even if we stayed in the car!

The best bit is, it took OTL almost an hour to get from our house to the docks and yet when we go walking along the Sea Wall, we can see the docks from where the fishermen stand.

Had we known that, we would have got The Missus to take us there so we could wave to OTL!

We didn't like him going off on his own and kept a close watch on the front window in case he sneaked back!

When he did come back we made a big fuss of him and he got both ears licked as a welcome!

We went out for a walk down to the Sea Wall and we found the pram thingy that they carry boats on when they go out in the car, but we couldn't see any boats, maybe they had gone over to Sheerness for a cup of tea or something!

No Boat!
 We met up with Bella, a one year old who had a bad start in life. She was found with a broken leg on the streets of London and it was lucky that when she got handed in to the police she met up with the lady who now looks after her and she made her leg better.

A New Mate
 We had a fun chase up and down the wall and down to the sea side where we had a paddle.

Play Fighting
It was good fun to have another doggy to play with who was about my size, for a change, normally I just get big dogs chasing me and I get all worried and have to go to OTL for protection!

All worn out!

I think Holly might have been put out that I played with Bella, but after Bella had gone, Holly and me played chase all the way back to the car and I didn't grab hold of her tail once! 

Holly and me will keep a look out for Bella the next time we are down the Sea Wall!

I hope you all had a good day, so bye bye for now and see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly