Friday, 28 August 2015

She's Back!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

Wot a super day we have had down here, the sun was hiding behind the clouds this morning but came out to see us at lunchtime!

We were up early this morning, too early! I needed a wee at about four thirty and we just didn't really get back to sleep. You see we had a 'End of the Week Party' last night and this morning it was a bit of a mess down stairs!

It was a good thing that the dustbin men call today 'cos there was loads of stuff to get rid of, you know, biscuit boxes and whisky bottles and shortbread tins and chew packets and loads of other stuff!

We thought that we had broken the vacuum cleaner at one time 'cos it stopped working 'cos it got too hot!

By the time we went out for our morning walk it had been all cleared up and the cleaner had cooled down enough so it wouldn't catch fire if we put it away in the cupboard!

We got down to the beach but the tide had gone out and all there was left were rock pools. Now they don't hold much interest for me, unless there is a crab or two to play with, but Snowflake has fun climbing over the sea weed and having a wee into a rock pool which she says sounds all musical!

Oh Gawd, a Ferret with a Musical Wee, what ever next?

Enough for a little 'Water Music?'
 I had some fun rolling in the dew on the grass and ended up a bit of a Soggy Doggy!

I feel a little damp!
 Snowflake and Brambles did the same but they found a sniff that wasn't too wet!

OK, He's not looking, have a roll!
We couldn't hang about for too long 'cos The Missus was heading back home from her week away baby sitting in Birmingham!

Old Two Legs said that she would give us a ring before she got home, just so we can finish off the clearing up and then be sitting at the window to welcome her back!

Just like the good little puppies we are!

Well, when she arrived we went a little potty, no, tell a lie, we went really potty! She got a right royal Woofers Welcome and a good ear licking as well!

She had a look around and didn't tell OTL off for making a mess and she hasn't yet had a look under the sofa to check for 'Ferret Stash', so we think we may have got away with it!

Lunchtime we are back down the beach but with May and April in the Ferret Bag.

There were loads of Two Legs on the beach, so, those ferrets got a lot of attention and strokes!

As it was warm and sea was right in and there was no wind, there was only little waves lapping the shore. April got all big and brave and went for a little paddle. She didn't go in very far 'cos she didn't know how deep it was and she didn't know if she could swim.

I'm not too sure about swimming in there!
I tried to be helpful by telling them both that it wasn't too deep!

Honest Girls, it only comes half way up a duck!
I don't think they believed me!

OTL hadn't got the red rubber bone 'cos he left it in his other jacket so all I had to chase were the stones he tossed in the water!

Why won't the stones float?
 As we made our way along the beach the tide was going out and pretty soon I could run out a long way and still have my paws on the bottom. So, just for a laugh, I tried sitting down!

Well, it feels deeper if you sit down!
The only problem was, you end up with a muddy butt!

Back home I got a rub down with our towel and Holly and I got a chew each, so we spent the rest of the afternoon chewing and snoozing!

Not sure what is for dinner tonight, with a bit of luck it will be something worth mugging!

Bye Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.