Friday, 22 May 2015

Back in the Land of No LL's!

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's us again! Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Now, sorry we didn't get a blog out last night but by the time we had packed everything up it was just too late and Holly and I crept off to bed!

Now we are back!

Yesterday we were down on the beach, as normal, chasing the sea gulls and generally getting into trouble!

Early morning on the beach.
 Both ferrets were into digging holes in the sand.

Shovel it all out!
 Miss Snowflake was really getting some sand shifted, mainly 'cos she had some help from Holly!

Brambles we reckon can dig his own hole and he made a good job of it by the time it was finished!

What I need is bigger paws to shovel more sand!
 I found an old ball so Old Two Legs and I had a game of 'chase'!

Well, he kicked it and I chased after it!

Come On! Kick the Ball!
We went out shopping and The Missus was hours chasing around looking for this Craft Shop in Haverford West, then she was scurrying about in the Market Place looking for 'Micro Beads' what ever they are!

So that it why we were late in getting everything down and packed away!

Mind you, it didn't help that OTL still has this flu/cold that TM gave him just before we came away on holiday, he has been achy and snotty ever since we left home! 

This morning we were up good and early to get ahead of the weekend traffic. In fact it was still all misty down across the bay!

Early Morning Mist!
 Mr B decided that he just couldn't leave Wales without finishing off his very own 'Sand Hole'!

Can't go any deeper 'cos there is a coal mine in the way!
 Miss Snowflake on the other paw decided that she would have one more climb up the mountain and even got OTL to catch her when she lost her grip and fell off!

What I need is a Sherpa to carry me down!
 While OTL was worrying about the ferrets, Holly and I found a really super sniff and before OTL could say a thing, we both had a really good roll in it!

A sort of 'Farewell' roll to Wales!

Oooooo! It don't get much better!
 Down by the waters edge there was one more Nelly Fish who had got stranded, it's just a pity that they may have stingers on them or we might have helped them back into the water again!

Another one stuck again!
As we headed back to the caravan Holly pointed out that we were the only ones on the beach this morning, except for the stuck Nelly Fish!

We got the beach all to ourselves!

We have left Welsh Wales and are now in Gloucestershire and have just got set up for the weekend!

Now The Missus says that she just couldn't get on with the taste of the water, it made her coffee taste horrid!

I must admit, it was a little 'unusual'!

As we headed off this morning Old Two Legs says that he is looking forward to reading a road sign that doesn't have ddoublle 'L's D's or F's it it! It has been ffun trying to pronounce the names but we are llooking forwardd to something 'Ffamiliar'!

Well, we have just got unpacked and all set up, except TM has got the 'Rats' 'cos we can't get a satellite signal 'cos she wanted to watch the F! racing this weekend, all together.....Aaaaaaaaah!

This site is getting rather packed, just 'cos it's Bank Holiday Weekend and we have seen the same caravan drive past our window four times looking for a place to park!

Should have got here earlier, like wot we done!

So, we have found the Dog Walking Area and it is great, the grass is cut and there is a fence up so we can be let off the lead as well!

The ferrets have been for a run in there as well but they had to stay on their leads 'cos they can get through the wire fence!

More news tomorrow 'cos we have been told that TM wants to 'Make a Card' so that means we have to 'Clear Off'!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.